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Monday, September 22

Out you go!

Why sit inside when I can as well sit outside?

I know I know

Not the most logical statement

But you will also say this

if you had outdoor sitting options like


Lookie! A ready chess game! Imagine the two chess players sitting on the chairs and then running back to the table to make their move on the chess board, then going back and sitting again on the chairs, and then running back to make their next move...and so on and so forth. How entertaining! ;)

Moodha and chiks. The quintessential Indian chair and blinds.

I have been on lookout for lime colored cushions. And a personal sea while I am at it

This reminds me of childhood summer vacations and Enid Blyton!

Aren't the simplest of things sometimes the most elegant?

I ask you to guard the fort, and here you are having a cuppa chai (tea)!

Green Blue Orange. Incase you couldn't identify the colors above. I am the ever helpful blogger!

Gujrati Jhoola (swing). Imagine sitting here during rains!

And finally a quiet corner to repose at dusk..

[Image courtesy: Pro Corbis, All Posters]


karlene said...

i love these ......... i would love to be experiencing fall for a week at your personal sea and then I would love to watch the rain too! or just sit there on a sunny day.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Swoooon...and a perfect corner to repose at dusk!

Those were beautiful. No...those were over the top, beautiful!!

Thanks for the ahhhhhh moment(s)!

Fida said...

I enjoy your blog now for quite some time. And it makes me want to pack my bags and go back to India...

house decor said...

Amazing pictures it all looks wonderful

Trazos y rozos said...

Continuamos con propuestas para estar al aire libre. Esta vez terrazas y jardines con espíritu colorido, para disfrutarlas durante todo el año, sin importar la estación. Mirando con ojos alegres en tendencias diversas invitándonos a una apertura de los horizontes decorativos.

Rose said...

What delightful outdoor spaces to enjoy! Thank you for posting these beautiful pics. I found you through Amber's Blue Mango blog.

Can I ask where you found the "Indian Pick of the Week" pillow? I've been looking and looking for something like that!

Bhavna said...

Hi Rose :)

The pillow is from http://www.tenthousandvillages.com/catalog/product.list.php?cart_category_id=84

Rose said...

Thank you so much for posting the info for me. You're very thougthtful, Bhavna!

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