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Saturday, September 27

Rooms that caught my eye

While browsing through Architectural Digest, some rooms caught my eye. And well...I had to share them with you to really enjoy them :)

Living in Istanbul. Love the Ottoman, and the muted colors and the furniture. Can imagine sitting here with jasmine tea and a book, with gentle river breeze coming in through the open windows

A bedroom in Singapore. The bolster in the middle of the bed, clearly demarcating my side and your side ;-)

Blue room with delicate printed fabric

Isn't the chair gorgeous?

Antique day bed with pillows from Good Earth

Interesting idea to use old carved pillars as bed posts. Nice lanterns too


eternalvoyageur said...

The last one is gorgeous !!!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh...Gorgeous pix!
I got a kick out of the bolster pillow going down the middle of the bed! Fight? You better stay on your side, mister!!

Like your new look, too!

Pravs said...

superb pics and nice idea to use old pillar as bed post.

Esra said...

I fell in love with the first room, these wooden houses along the Bosphorus are really eyecatching. Thanks for sharing this wonderful picture of Istanbul (my hometown) :-)

Bhavna said...

I am longing to visit your hometown Esra... :-)

Anonymous said...

i love the ottoman and its love,and the bolster in middle of the bed i do that with my blanket, bcoz my husband has th habit of throwing his legs on me in sleep.

monidipa said...

u are a wonderful photographer!!!!

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