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Wednesday, September 17

Voting Time!

It's that time of the year again! Time to pick your favorites amongst design blogs and vote for the most influential design bloggers. Stan and Kus, my favorite blogger duo from Home Rejuvenation, have taken up the impressive task of putting together a list of design blogs (from last year's voting results) and inviting readers, bloggers & net surfers to vote for their favorite design blogs. The voting is open till Oct 15th, after which the results of 10 most influential design bloggers will be out on their blog.

So, don't wait! Have your say here!

[psst....An Indian Summer is also part of the compiled list. The fact that I have been grinning ear to ear since is purely co-incidental ;-)....my thanks to all those fabulous people who voted for An Indian Summer last year!]


Gillian said...

Bhavna :)
I voted for you.
You and Di from Designer's Block UK.
Good luck sweetie, your site rocks!!!

vineeta said...

WOW WOW & WOW. And I am not in the least surprised. I LOVE the passion with which you blog & the consistent quality of all that you do in this space. ROCK it girl!!! & now I'm headed to vote! :)

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