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Monday, October 6

Update on Yikes!

I almost feel like adding a cheesy hugs graphic or something to this post because, well, I do feel like hugging you! Thank you for your emails and your responses to the survey...I am e-overwhelmed! And a special thanks to Ted, who has been diligently following up with Apple service center and tech folks and updating me on what the issue and solution might be!

So, from what I have understood so far, in a nutshell:

1. There seems to be an issue with older macs. And with OS 10.4.11, and sometimes with Safari and FireFox. Newer versions of IE and Opera seem to handle the site fine (and do let me know if its otherwise!)

2. To help readers with above systems/browsers, I have tried to reduce the page loading time by limiting the number of posts on main page to 5 (rest all in archives! click the older link at the bottom right of the page)

3. I also read up that HTML clean up can help different browsers understand HTML in a way that it does not freeze the system and loads as it is freaking supposed to load (excuse my french). So in the coming days I will make attempts at cleaning up my blog's HTML (how cool does that sound?! Clean up HTML! I impress myself sometimes!). Successful attempts should hopefully result in a smoother reading experience

4. Also, as a recommendation, for readers who have trouble loading An Indian Summer, can you please try clearing you cache'? There is supposed to be a cache' that stores versions of each site on you PC/Mac, and you want to clear it. It just might help.

5. If there is anything else you might recommend, you know what to do - Write to me please.

Phew! So much for HTML and browsers and technology! I will be back tomorrow with a luscious post and announcement of some great stuff launching and happening in the design world:)

Thank you for reading, and continued reading of An Indian Summer!


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