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Wednesday, October 1


Some readers sent me a note to tell me that they are having trouble viewing/loading An Indian Summer when using Mac and some specific browsers. While I hyperventilate and google for help (read desperate help!) to figure out why this might be happening and what I can do to resolve the issue, please be so kind to take the online survey (look left. since the survey is on the left sidebar. first thing on top. can't miss it) and let me know if you have been having similar issues reading this blog.

What will really help me:

1. Do take the survey even if you can read An Indian Summer alright (will help me see the glass half full and stuff...)

2. Send me an email if you have any comments or additional info (like- since when this has been happening etc) or ANY suggestion to help figure out this freaking issue

Many thanks to folks who wrote to me. And profuse thanks to folks who will now respond to the survey. And eternally in debt to the person who tells me how to resolve this bugging bug!

More Relevant Info:

Survey Question : Does An Indian Summer behave well in your browser?
Behave well means: Loads within reasonable time, all images show up, all links work, your Mac/PC does not freeze or hang when viewing this blog


eternalvoyageur said...

I think that to find out your problem you should change your poll a bit. Ask people whether they use Windows, Mac or Linux. Also, which browser they are using.

I am using Firefox on Linux and can see everything fine !

Fiber Focus said...

I've been having lots of problems with my computer for over a month now. Sometimes things run along smoothly, but at other times it's really slow, freezes up easily, etc. Some things work on IE (youtube) while others work on firefox. For example, when I post on my blog, I have to load images on IE (they freeze on firefox), but then I have to place them where I want them on firefox. A big pain, as you can imagine.

After doing everything I could to clean my computer and check for viruses, I spent a lot of time searching online and found repeatedly complaints that both the latest updates of both firefox and java are really buggy. So, I am hoping that there will be enough of an uproar that these will get fixed soon.

I probably also need more ram, but that is secondary to what is going on...

Some of your readers might be having the same problem...

Meaghan said...

Love the koko collection!


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