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Friday, December 12

Some one has been...

...sleeping on the Joblog!

Hasn't replied to all those nice people who have sent nicer emails

Hasn't done a blog post in a long time

Tch tch!

That Someone

Is thanking all those wonderful people

who wrote to her

who kept visiting her blog

who left her lovely notes

who joined the Indian Summer gang (lookie - widget thingie on the left!)

While that some one was slee....ahem,...rejuvenating.


And, just to let you know

I have had a little chat with That Someone

And in another couple of days

All emails will be answered

And a gorgeous post will be ready for all of you gorgeous readers!

[Super cute photo from gardenhoe @ flickr]


DeeplyDip said...

such a cutie...i love cats!

Furniture said...

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Fida said...

I can understand. I wouldn't have had the heart to push that cutie cat from the laptop :-)

港式五张牌 said...

Coming to your BLOG, I feel a good start!

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