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Sunday, February 8

A few good blogs..

Thought I'll share with you some goodness from the blog world focused on design and decor from India. I have stumbled across them over the last some months, and have enjoyed their personal unique style, design insight and creativity.

Enjoy more of Indian design @:

Girl About Home by Chandan

And Another by Kanika

Window Seat Design by Ashwiny

Indian By Design by Kavita

The Key Bunch by Sharon and Rekha

Nush Designs by Anusha

Mochatini by Manvi

Rajee Sood by Rajee Sood

Colors Dekor by Particia

Once Upon A Tea Time by Aditi

Tudo de Om by Fernanda R. Lima

Sajavat by Sangitha

And of course, some of my other favorites from the Indian design world are on the links page.

And while we are on the topic of new blogs, I would nudge you to the young blog -Urban Legends, from my ├╝ber creative sister! Urban Legends is a photo journal of a curious, covert, yet honest voyeur, documenting the many legends, big and small, told and untold, of a city. Hop over now to Urban Legends to peek at the streets of her current city - London!

[Images courtsey: Feature article on India in a swiss online mag]


Chandan said...

Hey Bhavna,
Thanks a lot for the mention... it is really very very nice of you to mention girl about home on your wonderful blog..! :-)


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ahhhh. More lovely blogs to peruse.

Thank you!!

Yoli said...

Thank you for sharing these blog who feature Indian design. I love Indian design, to me there is nothing more beautiful.

Flaneurbanite said...

Thank you!:)

Aditi said...

Thank you!

Rajee Sood said...

Hey Bhavna,
Wow, I was wondering what happened when I had traffic arriving from your blog... well... surprise ,surprise... that was really a nice feeling to be in the list of yours.
Thanks a ton... appreciate it... love it.

Aparna said...

Thanks for this nice list.

Fernanda R. Lima said...

Dear Bhavna, thank you so much!

All my best!


TheKeyBunch said...

Hi Bhavna,
Thanks for the mention! We appreciate it!:)

Sharon and Rekha

Renate said...

Thanks for these links, lots of lovely blogs to add to my feedreader!

Also - a question. Do you have more info regarding that lovely block-printed wall you're featuring on the righthand side of your blog? It's lovely!!

Sangitha said...

Hi Bhavna
Very honoured to find my blog in ur list of favourites.
Thanks dear.

Patricia Torres said...

Thank you so much Bhavna for the mention. I've only strated blogging in Jan, so this is great inspirtation for me to keep going. Thanks once again!!

anusha said...

Hi Bhavna,
Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. Gracias mucho :)

Kanika Bahl said...

WOW! is this for real? i really can't believe it. just arrived from Mumbai and i see i have lots of comments to moderate..Thank you so much Bhavna for the encouragement, its a super feeling!


I am so lucky. Lucky to be mentioned on your reading list. Thank You! and thank you for all the blog goodness to visit. LPXO

Bhavna said...

It truly has been my pleasure to showcase all of these lovely blogs! So thank you, all, for sharing such your creativity and passion for design and India with us! :)

Here's to more power to Indian design bloggers! :)

mathatheist said...

Thank you for the mention. :)


Cris Ventura said...

Your blog is a wonderful gift for my mind! I love your blog...Images, words, thoughts that makes me feel so good! Thanks for all!

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