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Sunday, March 1

Dastkar and me

[Puppets from Rajasthan]

What better way to spend a springy Sunday afternoon than browsing through stalls after stalls of gorgeous craft and art from different regions of India? That's exactly what I did yesterday, at the Dastkar Mela (Dastkar means craftsperson and Mela means fair). Below is just a sample from the absolutely eye catching colors and designs available at the mela..

[Kantha work on silk from West Bengal and Dokra craft from Bihar ]

[Multi-hued woven baskets and jars from Tamil Nadu, and ceramic pottery with typical sanganeri motifs from Rajasthan]

[Spice box from an NGO e'thaan, and wooden lacquered toys from Andhra]

[More products from designers who are working to revive age old craft traditions]

[Phad painting from and rugs from Rajasthan]

[Pottery and Tableware from Himachal]

[Jewellery, block print fabrics and more tableware]

Info for readers in Delhi and around: This fair is on at the IGNCA grounds (Janpath). I would recommend at the least one visit! Things to look out for: Rugs, maheshwari sarees, leather bags, the e'thaan stall, Atler ego's stall, raw silk and khadi silk fabric.

[All pics clicked by me]


Renate said...

Oh, that sanganeri pottery is lovely! As is the phad painting. And that tableware! Ooooh... and piles of blockprinted fabric.... So many beatiful, handmade things... that, together with the lovely sunny spring weather so makes me wish it was a bit easier for me to get to Delhi...

Rajee Sood said...

Oh, no Bhavna... don't do this to me... suddenly I miss Delhi a little bit more ...next are you going into Delhi Haat ... let me know a bit in advance ... that is just going to kill me. ;D
Thanks Bhavna, tells me I need to go Delhi beckons ... hows Gurgaon ... miss my Gurgaon a lot too. And I have to say I have a thing for the lacqured traditional Indian toys ... they are amazing ...just need some promoting(which you have done a great bit now)and they are amazingly thought and crafted.And the fabrics ... can't keep my hands and eyes off them ...
Great to see your post...love it... thanks

Sampoorna said...

I must say " WwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwW".Isnt it just so beautiful to look at all these colours?Bright colours and their combinations always put me,or for that matter everyone,in a very happy elated mood.
I felt the same looking at these colours now.
Nice post Bhavna.......

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Lucky you! I wonder if the Dastkars will come to Pune as well.

Beautiful post:)


pink dogwood said...

Is this a traveling exhibition or a permanent one? I can only come to India in summer, but I would love to go to this one - please tell me this is a permanent one :(

Bhavna said...

This is a bi-annual fair in Delhi..so it would be ending soon

Rajee: Isn't Delhi the most beautiful during spring? Love the many exhibitions, concerts, fairs, plays, recitals et al! I will think of you each time I visit these now :)

Sharon: Dastkar does fairs in diff cities...I hope they go to Pune too!

Renate, Sampoorna: Thanks! Glad you liked the post :)

Sreelu said...

Bhavana, such a colorful mela, I would have gone bonkers if I ever visit one of these.Will mention it to my mom who moved to Delhi few months ago :)

Rupa said...

Hey Bhavna,
My knees have gone weak and heart skipped a beat looking at these marvels....I loveeeeeeeeeee them....I have a very large and softest corner for handmade and ethnic stuff and this post kills me since I do not live in Delhi...when is the next dastkar mela.....we do not have one in Hyderabad....it hurts...and you have a great blog going...love it...am a regular stalker :)

Laila said...


I am Laila Tyabji of Dastkar and was so thrilled to come across your blog on our BASANT BAZAAR quite by chance... Delighted you enjoyed yourself.

What STUNNING photographs! Any chance we can use them somehow?

Anyone who wants info on the Bazaars and exhibitions we hold in different Indian metros through the year should write to dastkar@vsnl.net and get put onto our mailing and email lists.

And, since much of Dastkar's work is done in the field, doing skills training and product design for tradtional craftspeople, we are always looking for people with development, design or marketing skills.

Warmly, and thanks again for a gorgeous coverage!

Bhavna said...

Yes, do let your mom know Sreelu...it is definitely worth a visit!

Thanks Rupa! :)

Bhavna said...

Thanks for dropping by Laila. It will be my pleasure to share the photographs with you - I have many more! I can email them to you, or upload them and share the link with you.

It was lovely to hear from you,..hope you visit the blog again!

Pea said...

wow.. this is so beautiful.. A absoloute delight for my eyes. I totally loving the spice box.hmm.. looks like its time to change mine soon. Wish they sold it online:(

Anrosh said...

just a thought -- a feature "what happens in your city ( or nearby) regarding such melas/fairs/ will help and plan visits around that time.

http://indianyarn.wordpress.com said...

i should have signed my last comment as " indian yarn".


DoodleDuck said...

It's a treat to read ur posts....i almost wait with a baited breath for ur newer posts...yeah...me too wish i was in 'DILLI'.

Fernanda R. Lima said...

Incredible post!!!


Fernanda R. Lima said...

Oh i loooove those rugs from Rajasthan!!

I really need one for my living room... :-)

Sameena Khan said...

Awesome!! Hi Bhavana came across your blog while surfing and was delighted to see it, actually for some time I felt I was traveling all these places. The beautiful furniture, decorations, rugs and what not!!! Thanks for giving an enjoyable time :))

Will be visiting often to see more.

workhard said...

This is such a colorful post...


Derilyn said...

I'd love to find cool items like these at a craft fair! I'm lovin' the silk fabric from West Bengal. Paisleys are one of my favorite design icons, so I'd love to have that spice box!

Raaga said...

I wish I'd known about this earlier... would have loved to go :)

Bilal said...

Hello Bhavana,

I came across your blog while surfing and was overwhelmed to see it, I felt completely epic-ised by seeing the traditional collection on your blog 'Dastkar and Me'

The beautiful furniture, Home accessories and decorations !!!

Thanks for giving an enjoyable time. Look forward to see such valuable ideas to get that ‘Perfect home’ on your blog.


Dee said...

Bhavna , Kudos to you for writing such a beautiful blog. I was just showing this to my husband , and was telling him that we should go back to India and just see and fall in love again with the arts and crafts . One q though - is there a website for e'thaan ?

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