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Thursday, July 23

And one more..

Is one blog ever enough?

Can I say that I lived happily after if I had only one blog?

Do I feel satisfied sharing only interior decor inspiration?

The answer to all of the above is a resounding No!

You know what is coming your way, right? :)

A brand new blog!

'An Indian Summer Likes'

Nothing fancy. Just an online scrapbook of things I like - art, jewelry, photographs, music, poetry, books, furniture, rooms, humour, DIYs, dresses, accessories, cats, illustrations, recipes, typography...anything that catches my eye! While I will continue sharing interior inspiration on 'An Indian Summer', for all of you who have liked what I have liked, hop over to An Indian Summer Likes for more of my likes! Yikes! Early morning blogging can lead to a gross lack of creativity when it comes to writing. For a non-morning person like me. So go ahead, count the number of 'likes' in this paragraph, and tut tut away. You won't tut tut away when you see what I have in store for you in the coming days on this blog and also on that blog! Hah!

And while I am on the topic of talking about me and my blogs, let me share with you another way to connect. You can now connect with 'An Indian Summer' on Facebook! I finally figured out the network blog thingie on facebook, and put this blog up to be networked. So, if you are on facebook (and if you are not, My God, how come?!), connect with An Indian Summer and other people with similar interests right away! You can do so by clicking right here, or by clicking on the facebook networked blog widget on the left sidebar [right below the An Indian Summer gang widget]

Follow 'An Indian Summer' on Facebook

And by the way, Good Morning to all you early peeps up and awake right now! And Good Night to folks on the other side of the ocean - Go sleep! Now! :)


CrystD said...

Hey there, am glad you're not back on the ball of blogging. Your pictures are so inpirational and love the colors and ideas. Having another blog means you'll be updating these more frequently I hope. I hope you do not mind that I have your link up on my blog. Cryst.

Patricia Gray said...

I always love visiting your Blog and looking at the beautiful images you Post.
Happy Blogging
Kindest Regards

Sillysimu said...

Hey bhavna this is cool ..just loved ur stuffs... keep blogging !!


purplehomes said...

Good luck ;)

sudha said...


nice blog..chanced upon it thru archana's blog.i had a question..I saw a picture in this particular post ( very beautiful table with floral inlays)..any idea what it is called and which part of india it originates from?..any input would be great..i rember seeing a similar thing on my grandmother's armoire...

Bhavna said...

Thanks Sudha. Can you please let me know in which post did you see the table? Will be easier for me to identify the source..

sudha said...

hi bhavn
thanks for the prompt response...i thgt i was posting a comment ont eh latest entry! so i metioned the pic...it is the ninth pic from the top (latest post - bringing india to europe)

Cassie said...

Loving the photos and the beautiful colors! What a great blog!

Bhavna said...

Hmm...am not sure what it is called, but have found similar furniture in some stores where they sell it as 'antique' or 'colonial' furniture. The floral inlays that I have seen now are typically old tiles fitted into the furniture piece. I'll recommend you try looking for these in one of the shops that sell old furniture. Mumbai Chor bazaar would be a good place to find similar pieces.

Anonymous said...

Hey bhavna ! I love all the pictures posted by you :-) and getting addicted to your blog...keep posting :-)

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