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Thursday, July 9

~ Stuff launching and happening ~

It's time again for me to share with you the work of some incredibly talented people, products from some unique shops and new launches in the world of design and style blogs! A big thank you to all these wonderful people who have graciously emailed me links to their work, for it to be showcased on An Indian Summer. A whole bunch of more creative links and showcases are coming up next week!
I Me Am Designs
Chetna Vij Sharma, the brain child behind this design firm, is a graduate from The Pratt Institute, NY, and has been working as a graphic designer in India. Look through her portfolio to view some very creative print, interactive and styling projects. She has also launched a line of kitschy Indian bags, boxes and wrapping paper.

Ching Teoh's art work
Ching, from Malaysia, is a self taught painter. Her rich and vibrant paintings are inspired by colors, beauties, patterns and textures of nature, and reflect a multi-cultural influence. See more of Ching's work on her site and you can buy the paintings from her etsy shop.

Eva Hanusova
Eva, from Czech Republic, became fascinated with the handmade jewelry world while taking classes at School of Visual Arts and Parson School of Design in New NY. Besides working on her jewelry line, Eva also designs home accessories and dabbles in the world of folk art using primarily chalk pastels and acrylics

Not your grandma's needlepoint!
Laura's brainchild, Not your Grandma's Needlepoint is unique, whimsical one of a kind, canvas design. Using her photographs as inspiration, she has created customized canvases by borrowing fantastical imagery from a variety of pop culture influences, including pop art and sixties psychedelia - bringing the traditional craft she loves so much into a contemporary context.

Linda Arthur
Linda, a self confessed textile junky, is an artist from Canada with a passion for painting. Do look at some of her brilliant work on her blog..

Milgayi Style Diary
Milgayi is an premier image based directory of fashion and lifestyle web sites dedicated to South Asians worldwide. Sudeepa Khanna, the creative woman behind Milgayi brings to the readers the finest web links in various categories such as world-class South Asian designers, exquisite apparel, beautiful home decor, and timeless jewelry

Décor Styler is a log of interior design trends and ideas, focused on inspiring the finer things in life!

Bloom.acious Cafe
Bloom.acious cafe is a spot where readers can get ideas and info about a range of subjects, as well as post updates about design/lifestyle projects they are working on. Readers can also start a group that focuses on their favorite topics, or join one that has been already started and add ideas and information there!
Maharani Wedding Blog
Maharani Weddings is a majestic blog soley dedicated to the elaborate, detail-oriented Indian bride. Conceptualized by Shawna, this blog bring you the most opulent ideas and unique vendors all with style!
Home Addict
Home addict, has been conceptualized by Caroline Gauci, a French textile designer working with weavers in Cambodia and Thailand on Ikat textiles. Following fair trade principles, her creations are modern, with graphic designs, using age old weaving techniques.

Design and Asia
Falling for the charms of Asia, the team behind Design and Asia, an online 'traveling boutique', travels for months at a time in search of new products that come from all four corners of Asia. Each item is found with special care and is shaped by best artists, each item is unique and made in the rules of a responsible and ethical trade

Terra Furnishings
Terra Furnishings support an eco-conscious lifestyle and like to work with people who share a similar philosophy. They welcome the opportunity to work with design professionals and provide industry incentives to assist with your client and project needs. Do check them out - they are offering a discounts for retail showrooms/stores & can do wholesale pricing on many of our products.

Teo Jasmin
Teo Jasmin is an interior design company based in Paris. They have an eclectic collection of furniture and furnishing, each inspired by a geographical region or city. Check them out for their interesting use of photographic prints..

Sixx Design's Book Launch
Downtown Chic, co-written by husband and wife team, Robert and Cortney Novogratz of the NYC-based firm SIXX Design, has been launched. For over more than a decade, this young, hip and artsy couple has developed and designed many unique properties in Manhattan, rebuilt entire city blocks and turned funky into fabulous, with every detail considered and executed with the utmost taste and luxury. See all on their site and the book!


Kanika Bahl said...

how wonderful of you to share these links here!!! some of them are known to me and some are new..i'm off to explore them...thanks:)


Finance-ista said...

thank you for the piece you wrote on maharani weddings!

Finance-ista said...

thank you for the kind words about maharaniweddings.com!

Rani B. said...

I really like these sites - thank you for putting them together. The two sites you have next to each other, maharaniweddings.com and Home Addict go well together. I can imagine using some of her fabrics in a fabulous mandap for my wedding...

Doodleduck said...

All of them are gems.....thanx for sharing!!

Little Lovables said...

These are all incredibly gorgeous!

ching said...

thank you so much for featuring my art together with all these fabulous designer. I'm honored.

thank you so mcuh!

Gillian said...

What a wonderful link list Bhavna! Thanks honey!!! xo

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Ooh these are absolute design gems! Thanks for sharing. I'm rubbing my hands in glee:)


Wini said...

What a fabulous set of designers!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Bhavna said...

You all are very welcome! :)

Glad you liked these links!

sunitha Kondur said...

this is the most comprehensive design site i have seen. wonderful , inspiring things. thank you so much. you should really consider publishing a magazine. will put the rest to shame.
keep going.

seo monnaie said...

love it! thanks for the post..

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