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Thursday, September 10

Is blogger down?

Unable to load pics since morning today! A delicious new post is waiting for you as soon as I am able to make blogger work. Anyone else facing this issue?

And, how are you doing today?

This side of the globe: Have a nice evening, and a deep restful sleep tonight :)

That side of globe: Have a great day today folks! Make today as interesting and intriguing as 09.09.09. :)

In the meantime, if you are looking for some inspiration, hop over here - Thank God, tumblr is atleast working the way it is supposed to work..


Jamie said...

Love your blog! I'm an American who splits her time between India and the US and your blog always reminds me what I love about India.

nicolette said...

The other blog seems to be working fine though? Oh, and the wristbands looks amazing.


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