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Tuesday, February 16

Dastkar 2010 and me

You know what I did last weekend. 
Don't you?

I went to the Dastkar spring fair that is on at the IGNCA lawns in New Delhi. It wasn't as much of a 'spring' fair though, what with the grey skies and unexpected rain playing spoil sport at the open venue. But the beautiful crafts and textiles, and the friendly craftspeople more than made up for the un-february like weather.
Here are some snapshots from Dastkar:

Cloth lanterns right at the entrance; Kutch embroidered coat; Painted urns (matka)

Lacquer toys from Ettikopakka district in the state of Andhra Pradesh; Metal figurines from Bastar

Wooden furniture and items from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh; Woven rugs from Gujrat (I picked up the red/yellow one from this lot)

Painted bamboo bangle boxes; Tanchoi weave saree

Clip boards made of block printed recycled fabric; colorful fabric bags from Ranthambore's women coop in Rajasthan

Ok, so the two pics above refuse to part and let me write between them. I will let them be given the post Valentine day spirit and such. 
Pic 1: Phad painting; another form of embroidery from Gujarat
Pic 2: Row upon row of earthern urns; Kite stall! The ubiquitous charkhi and maanjha : kite spool and line

[All pics taken by me]


eszterda said...

i love Your world!!!

Romero said...

tus post son geniales...muy inspiradores...te tengo en mis top sites!!!

Once Upon A Tea Time said...

The colors are so vibrant1 Really wish I was there :)

Abha said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I especially covet the Gujarati rugs. I'm lucky I'm the proud owner of a large (24" x 48") Phad painting. It really makes the room.

MiA said...

OMG! Sooo many beautiful things!

Rosa Phoenix said...

yummy yummy colors and patterns!

Vasudha.dilip said...

your pictures talk for themselves... lovely!!!!

Arch at Rang said...

Delicious pics Bhavna:-)

The bamboo bangle box and the rugs from Gujarat are my favs:-)


Srivats said...

I am eyeing on the mirror , I am searching for something like for sometime now :)

FoodLovers said...

colors are really vibrant ...really a nic eone

Anuradha Varma said...

I agree with Archana..the bangle boxes and the rugs are my fav too :-) How I miss Delhi this time of the year. The endless exhibitions and the fabulous shopping..
Thanks for bringing Dastakar to us !

Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Lovely pics Bhavana. I loved the earthen pots. The green one in particular.

Thanks for this glimpse into Dastkar...from faraway Pune it looks absolutely droolicious.

marry said...

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Gillian said...

BB these shots are great, and so glad you bought the yellow & red rug! How beautiful. xox

Anonymous said...

these vibrant colors and decorations remind me to an ancient world buried in the memory.
I have found this page visiting the blog of an Italian designer,I believe you have very in common with her work..

Raru said...

So beautiful colors.
Thank you!

Meander said...

I simply have to have one of those urns!

Rachael Thomas said...

I'm so in love with these colors

Matthieu said...

Love your photographs and the vibrant colours! Reminds me of my time spent in India... :)

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