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Tuesday, February 9

Dastkar 2010..

...is here!
Like the last time,
I will be making my customary multiple visits to the fair
and will bring you loads of pictures 
of traditional Indian art and craft
as well as
contemporary designs and products from young Indian designers

So if you are in and around Delhi,
mark the dates
and maybe we can meet
and chat over some delicious kashmiri kahwa
on a balmy winter-turning-to-spring afternoon :)

Dastkar coords
Dates: Jan 12th-21st, 2010
IGNCA Lawns (India Gate area)


Arch at Rang said...

I wish I was in Delhi right now:-{

Waiting for u to post about it:-)


Bhavna said...

Oh, you should try and come Arch! This time of the year is best for Delhi..and there are so many other cultural events planned around the city. I shall be your very happy and willing host :)

Susan Erickson said...

I would so love to attend that! Please post lots of pictures!

lilactreecreations said...

I miss India when I read your blog...

Chandan said...

Post lots of pictures, stories and videos if you can B, cuz I cannot go, am counting on you to bring the bazaar to me ; ) - loved the prev two posts BTW.

Anonymous said...

Oh, ...France so far away !...But I love your blog !

Nisha said...

Ho how much i was in Delhi now :( , I'm sure you will upload some nice pics for us.

Bhavna said...

Pics up in the new post ladies (and guys .. if 'anonymous' above is a guy just in case!)

A piece of India for all of you :)

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