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Friday, November 26

Colonial Interiors

And more
from Srilanka

See you again on Monday
You have a good weekend!
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The Tabrobane Collection

[Images via]


Dekorasyon Ankara said...

thank you for this inspirational and useful design idea.

PreeOccupied said...

Beautiful images. I love the wooden chairs, and the first image of the textile wall hanging with faces!

C'est Moi: Mak said...

Stunning Post! Nice to have you back! Have a great weekend! Xoxo

Sudha said...

wood and cane chairs have a special place in my heart...and there is something plush about the colonial style...super cool images :)

Concrete Jungle said...

Love, love it, I want to go!

Limner said...

I love my home but if I could--I would trade it all for this! Love the open feel of it all, but the spaces for books stole my loyalty to my own home. Beautiful!

Patricia Torres said...

*sigh*.. what lovely images.. every one of them a true inspiration.. I tell you.. I simply love that striped .. striking.. rug. Awesome!

blahmachine said...

Gosh, where do you go, Bhavna? Some of this stuff is poetic! Now all I need to do is find my own sprawling colonial bungalow, and then each of your pics is a design idea.. :-) From my little pad in Bombay, it does seem like a cause worth living for!

Beautiful, thank you.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous! When I grow up, I want to stay in a big white colonial house, with blue windows and a tiled roof, with beautiful, well loved furniture and a big family altar, with quaint bedrooms with multiple doors (and my grandchildren would laugh wondering why anyone wld want 3 diff entrances to a bedroom), and bougainvillae growingoutside, a wrap around verandah and lovely royal steps leading up to the house..thanks for reminding me one of my most cherished dreams, these images hit the spot!

madera y zinc said...

Oh, I love this decoration so much! It's just the right proportion of european deco and asian deco....fantastic!

Sound Horn Please said...

Lovely images! I've always been against sleeping in a 4 poster bed confined by all those hanging drapes. But these images made me change my mind!

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