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Monday, April 25

It's yesterday once more

When I was young
I'd browse through the magazines
Waitin' for my favorite rooms
When they came, I'd dream along
It made me smile..
[My version of this: Carpenters

Some of these rooms are retro, and some are not. 
Nevertheless, they remind me of the time when as a young girl, I would impatiently wait for the summer holidays to begin. And then, over chilled glasses of aam panna, I would pore over the interior design magazines and books at home. Browsing through this blog, I felt, like it's yesterday once more.. 

[All images via MoonToMoon]

Do come back tomorrow for a few more of my favorites..


GB said...

Yummmm! Loved that first room.

Sixpence and A Blue Moon said...

I could move into any one of these photos, absolutely love the decor...so many styles incorporated into each room, lovely.

princess bEcenstein said...

as usual lots of gorgeous rooms to sigh at.
Love the bookshelves

Saji said...


Andy said...

So many room styles to choose from...each one with a story to tell. All very cozy and inviting.
Thank you for sharing.

vk said...

That's what I do when I visit your blog :)... "wait" for my favourite rooms.. dream and smile. The only hitch.. all of your rooms are wonderful spaces and I cannot decide :)...
Vani --- keep the good stuff coming :)

Upasna said...

perfect in most ways, I can't pick out a fave here! I love the books dashed all around! :)

Behind the Lashes said...

Love all the rich colors to these decors. Great finds!!

Kala said...

I so enjoyed looking through all of them - felt like a young kid myself:):) Thank you!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

no such word to describe my feeling, but these are really beautiful.


SproutsOfSpring said...

Beautiful pictures!

Geetha said...

Oh! So cozy rooms! And yes love the Moroccan teapot!

raja and rani said...


I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I'm hooked! Your room decors are so wonderful. I'm renovating my home at the moment and look for inspiration on your blog - but sometimes it's a bit difficult to incorporate it into a British environment - but I keep on trying! Mostly by buying my favourite pieces in India and bringing them back to the UK!

Congotrekker said...

Looking for inspiration for my new home after living in Iraq for almost three years. I certainly found the Indian/Moroccan vibe I was looking for. Thank You!

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