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Monday, July 25

Design for 'An Indian Summer'!

Can you draw/sketch/paint/doodle or such?

If you do,
Where have you been?
I need you!

Long time readers of this blog  have been a witness to my many attempts at creating an identity for An Indian Summer. While I am quite talented otherwise (ahem), I am no artist, sadly. And, as this blog gears up for some exciting new ventures, I would like it to have a distinct identity. And that's where You come in! I mean, I do do hope that you will come in and help me out here. Pretty please?

So, calling out to the fabulously talented people who I know read 'An Indian Summer': If you are an artist, a graphic designer or love to paint / draw / sketch, will you please help me create an identity for my blog? A logo. Some icons. All that will proudly showcase your work and announce 'An Indian Summer' brand.

I will be ever so grateful, not to say chirpy like a spring bird and happy like a well fed kitten, if you would do this for me. And to thank you, I would like to send the creator of the selected design a Gift Box. A rapidly growing Gift Box that has personally handpicked gorgeous items for you and your home. And that's not all! Your work will be credited like for ever on this blog's home page, and any other sites/publications where I use your designs. 

[So far in the GiftBox: Chanderi block printed stole, Wood printing blocks, Madhubani paintings, Tribal necklace and earrings, Incense sticks and blue pottery holder in a cute wooden box, andhra leather puppet for the wall, kantha stole/throw and more pretteh tidbits to be added....Ooo, somebody stop me!]    

So how does it work:

1. Click here to read a quick requirements doc. I have put a few relevant details in here. Feel free to send me any other questions that you might have, or, just drop me a note letting me know that you are going to design for the blog (and I'll send virtual kisses back!).

2. You design for the blog! (yippee and yips) and send your design/s to me by August 18th 31st, on the blog's email ID

3. I ooh aah over what you all send to me, and then select the one that is the closest to what I would like the identity to be.

4. The creator of the selected design receives an email from me because well, there is this fabulous Thank You Gift Box that I would need to send you, and I would need your shipping address (ships to anywhere in the world)! Wohoo!

5. I also share all the designs I have received in a post, with credits (unless, you specifically ask me not to share your work). So even if I pick up some other design, your work would still be showcased to my fabulous readers. Like forever. In a post. On this blog.

Sounds good? I am all aflutter with anticipation already! 

Send me any questions or thoughts you have via comments or email. And Oh My God, please DO send me some designs, or I would forever be held captive by evil PowerPoint. (Yes, I created the current header in PowerPoint. Designers/Artists: Don't kill me! Just design for me please!)

Psst: Dear readers and blogging friends: I would love it if you could help spread the word! Please share on facebook, twitter and/or your blogs. Thank you!

Much Love
Mr. Blog & Bhavna

Update: Read the latest here!


notyet100 said...

Wow this sounds exciting :)

MindfulMeanderer said...

Wow! sounds exciting :)
I'll try.. but mine could be a late entry of sorts..

Rachana Saurabh said...

This is truly exiting..!

Anu@MyDreamCanvas said...

Wow, very exciting.

kristi@lovelyvelo said...

Sadly, I too lack any artistic skill of this kind. But I can`t wait to see the new look! I`m sure your vision is amazing and no doubt someone out there will be able to capture it!

Bhavna said...

It is very exciting! I am so thrilled to hear from some fresh talent...so eager to see what designs come my way!

Thanks MindulMeanderer...late entry is ok! Thank you!

sriparna said...

I would love to send something! Hope I can do so in time :)
all the best...

SeaGal said...

Sounds wonderful.. I would like to design something for you...

Sarika Saxena said...


I have passed on an award to you :) Details are here


love Sarika

Nimita said...

Oooh! Much excited... Got ideas already. Coming up soonly!

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

This sounds really exciting...look forward to the entries!

Gillian said...

OH BB how I wish I could draw!!!!~ lol

deepazartz said...

Sounds pretty exciting & enticing!!! I will give it a try too...lemme read ur requirements:)

Tanima said...

This is exciting, I love designing logos! I'll get started and see what I come up with, but often when I do logos I come up with more than one. Is it okay for me to send more than one idea?

Lovealwaysvanessa.com said...

I see the design contest has been extended! yayeee still looking forward to see the winner! xoxo

Lovealwaysvanessa.com said...

Just checking back to see if you have announced the winner. Can wait to see all of the wonderful designs! and to see the winner!

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