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Thursday, September 1

Bloggers Against Plagiarism

As bloggers, we often come across work or content that feels like it might have been 'too inspired' by some one else's original work, or worst, is a straight lift off of another's work. Having seen more than a few such instances in the recent past, a group of design/decor bloggers from India, has come together to create a place where we can document and highlight such incidents of plagiarism. The intent is to generate awareness and encourage discussion. The design blogger community in India is gaining strength day by day, and each one of us feels strongly about intellectual property and stand united against plagiarism in our field.

Please take the time out to visit the blog - Bloggers Against Plagiarism, and help spread the word. If you come across any incidents of plagiarism, or instances where work has clearly been inspired by some one's original work without the due credit, please do write to us here

Say NO to plagiarism today!


mermaid gallery said...

make sure you go to your picassa site and change the settings so people can't steal your images....that was happening to me until i caught on to it.....

Kashmira said...

Hi - the 'Bloggers against plagarism' link doesn't work - or is it just me??

Bhavna said...

Hmm..try again Kashmira. I just did and it worked fine for me.

Good tip Mermaid Gallery! Thanks!

Deepa Subbaraman said...

The link works fine, but comments are being moderated and only posted after "approval" I also see comments are not accepted real time as other responses after me have been posted. I was hoping the blog on Plagiaraism was about an issue and not about a particular person/brand only.

Love your blog Bhavna! Keep up the good work!

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