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Wednesday, September 14

Slap. Dash.

γειά σου, γειά σου!

No speak Greek?

Then Hello, hello ya all!

I am calling this post Slap. Dash.

Well, because
I am slapping some pics together
And making a dash for it

Well, because
I have ginormous amount of stuff to do
Which by the way
Also includes putting together a very interesting post for you guys!

 My pick of rooms for us from here.

You might ask why am I looking at Greek Villas 
When I have ginormous amount of work to do?

Well, because
When I am stressed
I either clean my desktop folders
I dream plan my next vacation
So there! :)


HappyHippie said...

Χαιρετίσματα από Ελλάδα!
Πολύ όμορφες επιλογές!

Greetings from Greece!
Very lovely choices!

Laura said...

Lovely pics!

Hee. You plan your vacation when you're stressed; I design costumes and new gardens when I'm stressed. :)

lorenabr said...

Love the pics!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...


SooZeQue said...

You can slap-Dash me all day long. I'll always enjoy it. Steel is my stress reliever!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is always a great source of inspiration! I love it!!

Shaista said...

I love the first and last images - don't we all dream plan our magic rooms in magic places? Some of us simply dream more concretely :) My daydreams are usually too ephemeral and fleeting...

Neha@ All things beautiful said...

I'd get de-stressed just looking at these pictures...lovely!

anita said...

I find new blogs when I'm stressed.
Just found you!

Marina Marangos said...

Geia sou ! I thought there was something slightly mediterranean to the blog entry and now I know.
Nice stress reliever. I am with you on that one.
I am a Greek Cypriot living in Delhi and I write mostly about life in India haha. Marina

Marina Marangos said...

geia sou Nice stress reliever !
I am a greek Cypriot living in Delhi and I write on mezzemoments mainly abnout my life in India but often dream of those greek isles.

madera y zinc said...

Lookingyourpictures I can hear a sirtaky!

SARAH said...

Seriously! I have a major presentation coming up, and thus, my fantasy trip to Argentina is all set, but my presentation is not...

Eleni said...

Yeap, beautiful indeed!! Our little Greece is such a gem- it's a pity is going through all that economical/political hazard.. Thanks for sharing! Your blog is always a stress relief sanctuary!
xoxo, Eleni

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