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Friday, November 4

Shabby Apple Gives Away..

...A dress of your choice
In your size
Wherever you are in the world!

When Alex from Shabby Apple wrote to me about hosting this generous giveaway, I was very happy to offer the opportunity to you, my top-of-the-pops readers, to win a dress from Shabby Apple's eclectic collection. Shabby Apple is a fashion company for women, by women, and of women, and believes that 'beautiful dressing shouldn't be complicated'!

How to enter and win!

1. Look through Shabby Apple's fabulouso collection online

2. Select one dress that you absolutely adore and would like to win, and leave the name of the dress in the comments section of this post. Oh, and leave your email too so that I can reach you incase you win!

3. And, ummm....that's it!

The contest is open for a week, and I'll update this post with the name of the lucky lucky winner (I am already jealous!) on Nov 11th! The winner, who will be randomly selected, gets the dress of her [or his!] choice delivered to her [or his] doorstep!  

Giveaway open exclusively to
An Indian Summer readers, and
Fans on facebook

Much love
From me 
To you

[Links: Shop Shabby Apple; Shabby Apple on Facebook, Blog]


Winner Update [Nov 12, 2011]

The winner is 
Maheswari Janarthanan!

Congratulations Maheswari! :)

Please drop in an email to me, and I'll share your details with Shabby Apple.

Winner selected using Random Generator. Click on image to enlarge.

Thank you all for participating! 
I hope to bring more such fun giveaways for you in the coming months!


Ankur said...

First thing first I am guy and this would be for my fiancée whom I marry Feb 18th 2012
This dress at the URL below i.e. http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-969-casanova.aspx named Casanova is what i would pitch for.

Promise to get her in it if I am the chosen one here and send you a picture.

India Studies Program said...

pina colada! or nantucket. i can't decide. if i win one, maybe i'll buy the other. :)

jelena said...

Wow ... so many adorable dresses but if I had to pick just one it would be Mulholland. The skirt+shirt combo is also irresistible Academy Award Skirt/Oscar Shirt. Lovely collection!

limonana said...

Yay! what a wonderful giveaway Bhavna! It was SUCH a tough call to choose, but I love the "Going Steady" dress! so Mad Men you gotta love it!

Dee said...


Meee! :D

I loveeee the crouching tiger dress! SO PRETTY! and i shall look slim in it haha :)



the happy talk dress because its so breezy and summery.. (man its good to be a girl :D)


Kulsum F.Dorego said...

Oooohhh,lovely give away,and that on your lovely Blog,too!!:)
Hmmm really difficult to chose from,but I think the tulle skirt,White Tinsel Town Skirt is my favourite,it would be for my sister who adores everything Ballerina'ish...:)

Thanks,and have a nice day,dear.


Neha said...

Awesome.. as in the collection and - the choice was damn difficult.. I actually wanted every second dress.. each dress reflects a certain element of my personality and thoughts... do I go for a Bookworm dress as per my passion or something suttle like Aurelia or pretty pretty Veni Vidi Vici or summer like Lighthouse or an adventurous Mauna Kea or the bright and wicked Cayenne. Finally I decided to stick to the classy roman collection with a simple and breezy dress Aurelia which can be what I want it to be..

Priya said...

What wonderful dresses and a great giveaway! :)

My favorite is 'Bon Voyage' ...glad to see that size 'M' is available :)

And yes, mail .i.d's priyamitran@gmail.com

Paraphernalia said...

Such wearable dresses!!!!! It was So difficult to choose one. I am tied between Che Belle and carnival :)

Michele d said...

Atlantic Fog is my choice, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hello! this is the first time iam leaving a comment on your blog though I follow it religiously!
I tempted to try my luck!!
I am in love with El Dorado.
Hope I win.....cheers

Zara said...

Wow, fabulous dresses, all of them! So difficult to decide, but, ok:) - i would just love pineapple princess from the south pacific collection!

GB said...

Drool! Can't decide. :( Would either be the 4.0 dress or the skymaster dress. Ohhh hope I win!

Thanks for the giveaway, Bhavna!

Shikha said...

The dress I like is MAUNA KEA. The color is so fab.
Thanks :)

Meena said...

Love the fifth avenue dress!

Natalya said...


Yellow "Tuileries"


Laura said...

Inca trail! Love the green--I'd probably live in it.

Thanks for the give-away!

Sangeetha said...

Love Tiber

Andi said...

I would buy the Gondola dress. It's beautiful!

My email is pandi02a at gmail dot com.

Amal said...

Omg, these dresses are fantastic! Thank you for introducing us to the site! :) My favorites are the Aspen (perfect for fall!) and the Sequoia.

Anonymous said...

Awesome giveaway. The Nantucket dress is gorgeous!


Fingers crossed! :-) maven999 at gmail dot com.

I Heart Miami said...

The Tuileries dress is gorgeous!! I'd love to wear it for my fabulous 30th birthday in Jamaica in January! Such a happy yellow and a happy dress!!


email: eyeheartmiami at gmail dot com

M. said...

So hard to choose!! I have been a Shabby Apple watcher for several years now. I covet their clothes and I think their philosophy is great - women can look "beautiful for what they wear, not what they bare." Sing it, sisters!

I have a few dresses on my love list, but I'm going to have to go with Spanish Steps. I love the detail on the skirt, and the picture and name reminds me of my college study abroad in Italy. Amo l'Italia!

I also love the Circo dress, but it is on sale and I will probably buy it before the day is out...

deepalspatel said...

Love the V.P. dress! Fingers crossed :)

Maheswari Janarthanan said...

I love the AURELIA dress! its difficult to choose though! :)


Srinivas said...

Ooh! what a nice giveaway.For me, it would have to be "Storm".

Preethi said...

Ooh! what a nice giveaway. For me, it would have to be "Storm".

wilddaisy said...

thank you so much for this lovely giveaway. I'd LOVE to have the LA TOUR EIFFEL dress.

it will make me feel in Paris every time i'll wear it...


Anonymous said...

Since I have to limit it to one, I'll go with Chickaree.

Rachel Gray said...

Here is it, the most lovely mustard yellow dress in all the land...STUDY BREAK is making my heart flutter.



Rozhmaizite said...


Nayana said...


L said...

The "French Quarter" dress is so sweet and so retro - I'd love for it to be mine.

my email: leah.beth.herman@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Oh, how does one possibly choose?! I'd have to pick "With Honors" since it is so versatile. I love the vivid color, how it can be dressed up or down, and crosses seasons.


Varda Nisar said...

Firstly, I love you! Within this week you have made me fall in love with this hotel in Fez.. my french is really bad for me to remember the name.. but I have already started planning to be there!

And Secondly, I love you more for this giveaway! I have so many favorites now, but I think the one that I really want desperately is "Bon Voyage" ... I love it, love it, Love it!

Oh my email is vnisar@gmail.com

Nimita said...

Oooh just one? I would choose the Cascata swimsuit for i need one badly and this is just lovely! But for a dress, i would take the Mary Jane Watson. Lovely detail on the collar and sleeves.


Fingers crossed....

psfc said...

The glacier's my fav!

Silvi Arena said...

Nice dresses!
I like many of them, but my favorite is MACHU PICCHU
.. I love green!
(my size is small)

Vireya said...

Thanks for the chance!

I'd pick the Veni Vedi Vici dress. I love the colour, and it looks very cute.

Rodosee said...

Wow, such a generous giveaway. And of course, tough choice as always from Shabby Apple... so many beauties... but my choice would be Sierra Nevada :-) (Mandarin Plum came a close second!)


waterlili424 said...

I love crouching tiger! So beautiful!

Noni said...

Hi, I just LOVE the Inca Trail dress, size XL. travelerks@gmail.com

Shreya said...

All dresses are lovely, but my favorite is Sequoia :)



Anonymous said...

I like Che Bella!

Anonymous said...

this is the dress i like,in size M
and i thank you anyway

sriparna ghosh said...

LOVE ALL the dresses :)

Incidentally, I am getting married on the 11th! so being the winner of this giveaway on that day would be such a great gift :D :D

My choice is "Scarlett Raven".


saumya said...

wow! this is super exciting!! after ogling at the site for over an hour i have zero-ed it down to pinacolada or aspen!!
thanks! :D

Papillon said...

Awesome collection of dresses! I follow your blog closely and you have such wonderful ideas...Count on you to show us readers great ideas!

I loved the 'Bon Voyage' dress in Blue. I would love to own it! :) My size is M(size 8 to 10). Link:

Thanks a ton for this opportunity!


Conant Metal and Light said...

I love The Shabby Apple! So many beautiful options to choose from. Thanks!



Manju said...

BACCIAMI! love it! so pretty,and i really like EXTRA CREDIT too. lol, so tough to choose.

Count me in please :)

Anonymous said...

Love Indian Summer and Shabby Apple!
I especially like the BON VOYAGE dress.
My email is ericasweeney@hotmail.com.

divya said...

thank u for introducing to such a b'ful dresses,simple and elegant,its vry difficult to choose one,but i'll go with Cotton Candy,I love ur blog An Indian Summer,its such a nostalgic even in name,keepup the gud work and inspiring us.


Ambika said...

Why Not :) Awesome collection on Shabby Apple's website! My pick is 'Toe The Line'. And my email ID is ambika.kolangarakath@gmail.com
Fingers tightly crossed!

Anonymous said...

Tuileries, of course :D

fuchsinrot21 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Love this giveaway!

Eternal*Voyageur (Venusian*Glow) said...

These dresses are gorgeous! I'd love to win Gray Fox. the_eternal_voyageur[at)rediffmail(dot)com

Sonal said...

So difficult to choose ONE...but I think I'd be a very happy person walking around in a SEQUOIA dress.
Nice giveaway, Bhavna....thanks for introducing me to Shabby Apple...yet another place to while away the hours..."sigh"...

Pavani said...

Cooper, Bugle Boy and 16 candles are my favorites! Thank you for introducing me to shabby apple. Its my fabulous find of the month :D I'm in love with their accessories collection too.

Simi said...

Madison Ave it is :)
Attempting to choose a single dress was extremely hard and I'm still torn!

Here's my email- simi.kapur@gmail.com
Fingers crossed!

A-Diddy said...

I love the Gondola dress! It looks so comfortable!

Unknown said...

With Honors please!


- Vijaya Krishnan :)

Miss Frangipani said...

The 'Storm' dress is my first choice, but I get a 'Product not found' when I click on the image. Second choice would be 'Pina Colada'.

Thanks for the giveaway and introducing us to Shabby Apple. Such lovely, lovely dresses!


Pinar G. said...

Gondola! Thanks for the chance to win :)


Surekha said...

Wow !! what a wonderful giveaway and such beautiful dresses!
My favourite is Sierra Nevada and my email is suri2surekha@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Overboard is perfection!


Carolin said...

the dress L'Artiste and my email is todiluu@yaho.se
Love Carolin

shell said...

Scarlett Dragon


Anonymous said...


I love EL CAPITAN! It is beautiful!


Melanie said...

I've fallen in love!!!!! I love so many but if I had to choose I would say the LOIS LANE. I love the color and shape. email: melanieannriley@gmail.com

Karthika said...

Le Seine....Love this website. I see myself shopping a lot more here....

geetu said...

Dear God, please please let me win the gorgeous Freshwater Pearl...

elfeia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neda said...

I love "Malt Shop" dress!
email: nedasta@hotmail.com

elfeia said...

Thank you for a nice trip to the dreams where each dress can be at its best place! I like the pink dress Helena. Om.
email - steklenok@gmail.com

Christine said...

I love the Academia dress!

Anusha said...

Great give-away Bhavna.Thanks!!!
My favorite is 'Pina Colada'.

- Anusha Rao

Rachael said...

This was so fun to choose from! Well, I select the Piazza Navona maxi dress because I couldn't keep my eyes off of it.


Viju said...

I would love to win the 'Bon Voyage' dress.
Thanks for hosting this giveaway Bhavna.



Aleena said...

I'd love to win "Scarlett Dragon" :) It's absolutely gorgeous!


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love Gondola! Fingers crossed...


Anonymous said...

Good morning! I am so in LOVE with Dark Oak!

All of the dresses are gorgeous though!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! How fun is it to read your daily blog and enter to win a dress!
My favorite dress is "Antiquated".
Good luck to everyone!
My email is handanpusatcioglu@yahoo.com

bellefleur said...

Tough to choose from so many great styles! Finally settled on Atlantic Fog, a Classic. Looks like a dress I could live in...

IAMSAM said...

I want me some of the Joie De Vivre!


Mathangi said...

Just in case this isn't too late, I'd love myself a "Study Break"!

Afropean Queen said...

oops its Apron Strings not April Springs. christina.nadezh25@gmail.com

Vani Vijay said...

First off, looove your blog Bhavana!And a perfect give-away for the festive season!I, being from SF bayarea, love pacific waters. So my choice would be the "Aloha" dress. (size:xs) Can't wait to get-away to Hawaii!!!
It's so much fun already just to participate in this give-away. Hope I win too! Thank you!!!

sunky said...

beauty mark
Sankalp Nanda

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