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Monday, January 9

Heaven & Home

Update Deux [June 21, 2012]: I heard from one of the core members of H&H, and looks like the site and company has shut down. Please don't make any purchases from this site. I'll keep this post up for a couple of months so that people are made aware, and remove this post once a public shut-down announcement is made by Heaven & Home.
Update: I have been getting comments from folks who have shopped from Heaven and Home and haven't either received their ordered products, or have had a bad customer service experience. In view of these experiences, and my own recent experience with H&H, please order products from H&H at your own discretion. In case of any issues you can write to H&H at this email ID.

Heaven and Home, a new shopping site for home decor enthusiasts in India, aims to bring the best of brands and products at  great prices. Started by Tara Kaushal, Nishrit Shrivastva, Tushar Ahluwalia and Sunnyraj Agarwal, the idea of the site is to bring the fragmented home and living market in India to the comfort of the user's home. The site in itself aims to become the style authority for your home, so all products are hand selected by Heaven and Home's style team to bring only the best from national and international home decor lines.

Set on the lines of One Kings Lane and Fab.com, Heaven and Home has new collections for sale at discounted prices almost every day. I personally love their selections so far!  The site also brings the best from different well known export houses, and provides an excellent opportunity to buy products that we would have found only in international markets.

Nishrit has very kindly created a personal invite from me for new members to join Heaven and Home. Click right here, and shop away! And, you can connect with them on facebook too!

[All images: Home and Heaven]


himani malhotra said...

hey i am an interior design student n just love ur blog..great job!

Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story said...

Thanks for featuring the store. Just signed up with them. Would love to see a larger catalogue though.

Asht said...

Thanks for your comment. I really love your blog, it's wonderfull
Happy new year !!!

Reshma at colorcanopy.blogspot.com said...

Luxurious cushions!

Heaven & Home said...

Thanks for your comment. We are constantly putting up new sales, and our number of sales per week will continue to increase. So keep coming back!

Heaven & Home Team

Megha said...

I recently bought from this site - THUMBS DOWN. The delivery time for most products is min 20 days as compared to other sites. So you go ahead and buy anyways, and the order is further delayed! Without any intimation and you need to mail them to get the status. Most of their products are also available on other sites for much cheaper. You expect atleast good service and atleast on-time delivery if you pay their premium prices, and you definitely DO NOT get it. They have to realise, a good looking website and empty promises alone doesn't ensure a good business. What a let down!!

Bhavna said...

Oh noes! It's unfortunate that you have had a bad experience, Megha. I have ordered once from H&H so far, and received it well within time.

I'll forward your feedback to Heaven and Home. Hopefully you should hear back from them soon.

Heaven & Home said...

Hi Megha,
We are very sorry for your bad experience with us. We are a growing website and had some teething issues while trying to expand our range and products and grow bigger as a company. We have worked at rectifying a lot of our issues, and are very sorry that you faced any inconvenience while shopping with us. We would be happy to offer you a complimentary voucher and urge you to try us out one more time to see our improvements. We as a company try our best to give our customers what they want and feedback like this helps us a lot in fixing all our problems. Please feel free to email us at service@heavenandhome.com with the issue and we will be sure to do our best to fix it.

Thanking you,
Heaven & Home Team

Megha said...

Thank you Bhavana for a prompt response and appreciate your work. I did get a follow up call from Heaven and Home, only to be told that they will not be able to provide me with about half my order - apparently because they have not cleared quality checks. I understand they have issues but something as basic as this is really not expected. Shouldn't vendors be subjected to quality checks before a product is advertised on the website? Highly upsetting to say the least.
I really not see what is it in it for me - to place an order at premium prices, and then expect good service, and then only to be told I won't get half my order after around a month. I had placed this order for the purpose of gifting it to someone, so something like this is highly upsetting. I don't feel like I have gained anything at the end of the day, but only lost out because I chose to trust that Heaven and Home would be a reliable website. What is being done to redress this - all I'm being told is "We apologize for the inconvenience caused" Is that what is meant by 'fixing issues?'

To the Heaven and Home team - You people really have to pull up your socks. And honestly, by far this is the worst experience I have had with any online shopping website.

Anonymous said...

Here iam complaining against Heaven and home in line with my previous friends,
Iam Arivarasu from vellore,TN.I ve ordered 4 items in Heaven and home and out of that 2 items have been ordered around a month back.Till now my item has not been delivered and no intimation was made fom heaven and home team to inform me about the delay ,when i make a personal mail to them then they will apologize saying that there is a delay and it will be rectified soon.fed up with heaven and home customer care .Want to have a poooooooooor online website experience-then go to heaven and gome.

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