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Wednesday, January 4

I like you already..


 {The warmth of tea-lights, on a cold cold winter day}

I hope, so far, this year has been treating you well too!

Here's wishing you, my lovelies, a wonderful rest of 2012!

I am in the midst of moving to a shiny new laptop and hence the absence of beauteous posts. As soon as I have moved, installed and cleaned up stuff from laptop till date to laptop from date, I'll be back with goodies that make you go Ah! Be good, till then. :)

 [Image: Taken by me at home]


notyet100 said...

Ummm luv this pic

mermaid gallery said...

Those colors just warmed me up!

Vidu said...

Congrats :)

Interior Designers in Bangalore said...

Candle holders have always been nice decor idea. Candles brings warmth and liveliness in room.

Christiana Thanos said...

Happy new year! I just discovered your blog, and added it to my blogroll. I'm excited to follow it!


Rajnish said...

pure asthetics...

Caroline said...

I just want to say Hi från Swede, what a lovely blog you have!
- Caroline

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