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Monday, March 26

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Design

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard Designs, an award winning LA based design firm, has had me ooh aahing over their rich luxurious designs, inspired by India, Morocco and Central Asia. I can't get past the gorgeous textiles used in the homes designed by the firm! When I do get past the textiles, I am arrested by the lovely furniture and their handpicked accessories. Putting all these elements together, while some rooms have too much going on for them, some rooms are just the perfect balance of colors, textures and fabrics. Tell me, which ones do you like the best?




gypsie sister said...

So beautiful!


christine said...

I love the stairs in the second picture.

My Palace Walk said...

Simply love them all!!
So rich, detailed & thoughtfully put together

Marina said...

Bedside table with inlay was my favourite x Marina

Purvaai said...

LOVE IT! Especially the four poster beds and the glorious colours!

Sapna said...

I looooooooooove all of these rooms!! Especially the bone inlay bed - simply stunning!!

Anonymous said...

My favourite? No. 12 - the living room with the ochre walls.

E. said...

Love him - do you watch Bravo TV's Million Dollar Decorators? He's on there - he's hilarious!


Tami Rebekah said...

Love him!!! and love your blog!! so my style!! Ill be following with BlogLovin!

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