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Friday, June 15

There are days like these

When the sun is blazing hot

And there is work to be done

Lovely new friends to be met

Brilliant conversations to be had

Over afternoon cups of tea and evening glasses of wine

And then, as the day ends
In the comfort of a cool home

Mellow music to be played

Favorite magazines to be flipped

Loved blogs to be browsed

A hand picked collection of rooms to be shared

From some creative homes far away

Spaces and rooms I heart
From the ever fabulous blog, DesignSponge

Click on the image to go to the house tour story
And tell me if you heart them too!


Strandofsilk.com said...

Beautifully put together!

Unknown said...

I just love your site and your images. One of my favourite images from my recent holiday to India and Nepal, are the clay pots filled with anything that grows -flowers, green plants perched everywhere where there is a ledge.

Interior Design Principles by Vidya Sudarsan said...

What a lovely collection!

Shru said...

Truly beautiful collection and I drool over those fabics used awesome

Dream Pedlar said...

This is a visual treat! All the brilliant colours and vibrant combinations. Whenever I feel low, I just hop over to this place and browse through all the pics. And I am happy once again.

Rajnish said...

your blog always gives me such wonderful ideas. Very nice and bright look. I also checked DesignSponge. It is really good. Thanks for the information.

Miss Rubio said...

What an amazing blog....love it. And I love the name of the blog too. Following you now. XO

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