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Wednesday, July 4

Where do you...

Where do you
My lovely
I wanna know
My lovely
I wanna know
Where do you go

Oh Alright!
I'll tell you
Just stop singing the song, will ya? ;)
(But you can continue to call me your 'My Lovely')

I am off to Ladakh, my peeps!
With a friend
A camera
And a spring in my step

I'll miss you my lovelies
Do miss me back, Ok?
I'll be back on the 15th
With fresh inspired posts
And fables from Ladakh

Be good
Take care!


[Illustrations from a book a I love to gaze at: Tibetan Pilgrimage - Architecture of the Sacred Land by Michel Peissel]


Ikatlover said...

Will surely miss your posts. Do come back with lovely pics as always :))

Designwali said...

have a lovely trip!

Mom of A and a said...

Hi, I'm a longtime lurker and first time commenter. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful safe journey!

Nibha Khungar said...

Ladakh is beautiful! I just returned a few weeks back after spending a gorgeous week in Ladakh. Try 'My secret receipe' cafe, a german bakery called 'Pumpernickel' and a restraunt called 'Chopsticks' there..amazing chinese and thai! All are located in the Leh main market. Don't forget to visit the Tibetian market for some gorgeous jewellery:)

Have a lovely time in the snow:)

baju muslim murah said...

Thanks, it's a lovely post.

bagzzs said...

Enjoy yourself and come back we all waiting for your post.

vk said...

wow! have fun.. waiting eagerly yet patiently for awesome posts when you get back :D .. Vani

Fairy fantasy art said...

Good trip hope you enjoy there.

My Love Wedding Ring said...

Those are very beautiful illustrations, not surprised you enjoy looking at the book!

Sound Horn Please said...

Envious! Hope it's been a good trip so far :)

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