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Monday, August 27

Eclectic Rooms

Penny moons

Star gaze

Mirror haze

 Wood burn

A little turn

Calm lake

 Color awake

Eclectic Rooms

I asked you to stop me
You didn't

I ran off with a rhyme here
So there.


[Images from this, that and there]


Juliette Williams said...

I adore your blog, but today's offering just blew me away! Such beautiful colors, designs and ideas. Thank you! xoxo Juliette

Sangita Pillai said...

Beautiful, Bhavna! I especially liked the ones captioned, mirror haze and color awake. Makes your heart sing:)

indiamap said...

Like the Mirror haze room, Its looking very peace and beautiful.

anishka sharma said...

This is so beautiful picture,i am glad to see it.

sueannm66 said...

Love all the fabrics. Gorgeous!

Paisley said...

I am in love with your blog for 2 years now. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures!

Bollywood Blogger said...

Hi, I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award; please visit my website for more details.

vandana craftsia said...

Such beautiful pictures, love your posts. I especially liked the calm lake pic, so bright and beautiful.

Tina Cartwright said...

After our recent trip to India, my daughter is in love with the bed cover in the Color Awake photo. Do you know if this bed cover is available for purchase somewhere? Thank you.

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