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Monday, September 24

God's Own Country, It Is

And I agree! 

I am back, my dear peeps! We had a beautiful, very laid back relaxed holiday in Kumarakom, Kerala. This was my first time in Kerala, and I was blown away by the lush green land and water scapes, the warmth of people, the vibrant homes, the oh-so-Dutch-and-Portugese feel of the old part of Cochin, the leisurely bicycle rides through villages, the fabulous cuisine and the blissful luxury of ayurvedic spa.   

Needless to say, there is yet another place, added to my ever growing wanderlust list. I know I have to go back, to explore God's own country by road, very soon. You will join me, right? :)

[All images clicked by moi. Kindly link back to the post if you use]


Kavs said...

Iam so glad you enjoyed Kerala Bhavna!

RAhuja said...

Kerala is my most favorite state in India! It has everything - friendly people, amazing cuisine, the beach, the hills, the backwaters, the wildlife, brilliant temple festivals, theyyam, working chinese fishing nets...the list is endless.

And the one color we spend all our time trying to earn, but really see so little of in our urban jungles - GREEN.

Beautifully composed photos as usual.

Beth Dunn said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Rukhsana Badar said...

You really have a way with the camera, Bhavna. Each picture speaks of a charmed land and a relaxing vacation. Glad you enjoyed it!

notyet100 said...

This place is on wish list,.gorgeous clicks

Usha Menon said...

Hi Bhawna.Going through your description of The God's own Country, I felt nostalgic. I had been visiting Kerala every year during my children's holidays. On every visit we felt we were transported to a place beyond this planet!! In the last ten years I could not make it. How much I miss all that beauty and native grandeurs!

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