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Thursday, October 4


My fancy and all
Are these
Vignettes & nooks
From homes and places
And further yonder


Any that catch your fancy as well?

[All images: Pinterest]

Also, hop on to facebook for a lovely giveaway from Studio Azzurra, in the Joy of Giving Week. Open for anyone with a shipping address in India.


The Neemly said...

Those little succulent pots - must find somehow! So cute.

lynne said...

Oh, I am drooling over the furniture - and you have renewed my inspiration! I love to paint old furniture - I have one piece I bought years ago that is definitely Indonesian (not old, but gorgeous & made to look old). I use it as a desk & started to think of changing the natural color to my favorite blue. That's drastic with something that's already beautiful - but that blue chest (with the mirror & bowl of fruit) has similar lines & is the exact color I wanted. Now I just might do it...

Chandan said...

Any ? Lets see.. the Tibetian chest, the blue cupboard, the blue chest ( which is giving me an idea ! ) and that powder purple wall ! <3

notyet100 said...

Gorgeous clicks,,,:)

Patrice Gerber said...

Your vignettes are gorgeous. Love the colors and combinations.

tülin said...

çok şıklar.

Ivy Lane said...

Yep, all of it!

Deb said...

Oh my goodness, had to pin several of these. Very inspiring! I especially love the displayed garment. Thank you for sharing that with us.

painting contractors Denver said...

Indian interiors are just so simply amazing! That blue stand-up cabinet…a must-get! I have been looking all around for something blue and something worth it. That blue cabinet is definitely a perfect addition for home collections. The vase and kettle are ancient treasures. They accentuate plain walls and one-shaded surroundings. Thank you for the chic selections you’ve posted.

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