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Friday, November 9

Diwali Blast With..

Play Clan and We Make Love!

Two fabulous giveaways
For anyone and everyone with a shipping address in India

For this Diwali,
We are going to have a blast!

Play Clan

Awarded the Best New Talent by EDIDA and selected as a finalist for the Young Creative Entrepreneur Award 2011 by British Council in India. Play Clan combines fashion, art & design to create collections in home, apparel, stationery & gifts. Inspired by everyday observations & vibrant colors, Play Clan celebrates life & Asian subculture. Play Clan retails from self run stores in: Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Chennai, Fort Kochi, and Pondicherry.

And this superb store would like to giveaway not one, but three lovely items to one lucky reader. A bright cheerful cushion, a quirky eye mask and a Ghalib journal. Read below on how to enter the giveaway..

1. Leave a comment on facebook right here, telling us your favorite memory from Diwali (make sure you are logged into facebook to do so)
2. Double your chances peeps! Leave a comment on this post too!
3. That's it! Wait for result to be announced on Nov 16th.

We Make Love 

We Make Love is a theme based webstore for design originals, gift ideas and creative finds.  Products are carefully curated on the basis of a theme. These themes are based on occasions and festivals and may change as quickly as festivals in India! The theme sets a guide line for what is to be curated and the team start their hunt for designs and ideas, scouring designer workshops, ransacking vintage markets and traveling to far flung places to find fun, loving and unique objects.  It has been three months since Nikhil Paul launched WML. Nikhil is a post graduate from Domus academy, lived in Italy for five years and then back to India to start WML, bringing his interdisciplinary approach to this eclectic webshop.

We Make Love is very happy to giveaway a goodie bag filled with three unique products to one happy An Indian Summer reader. Enter the giveaway to win 'Get Lucky Playing Cards from Iktaara, a set of Flight tea light holders from WML Home, and Fluke books journal from Tara.

And here's how you enter the giveaway:

1. Leave a comment on facebook right here, telling us what you love about this festive season (make sure you are logged into facebook to do so)
2. Double your chances peeps! Leave a comment on this post too!
3. That's it! Wait for result to be announced on Nov 16th.

A big thank you to Play Clan and We Make Love for these lovely gifts for An Indian Summer readers! 

[All images copyright: Respective stores and An Indian Summer]


onekhaone said...

I like the lights, colours, smells and flavours of Diwali much, much more than the sounds, so one of my favourite childhood memories of Diwali are of decorating every inch of our Udaipur home with diyas and flowers from our garden, helping grown-ups make sweets and finally hiding under a quilt with our doggies, just as frightened of the sound of crackers as them :)

Monika Choudhary said...

Its been 5 years since I have been away from home and havn't celebrated Diwali with family since. My favourite memory is my mother making 'cowdung puppets' for godhan pooja and later dad giving us gifts...good old days...

Shilpa Kamath said...

Rangolis, Flowers, Diyas, mom's mouth watering delicacies, eeting and greeting friends and family, sense of belonging/community, smiling faces of those celebrating the wonderful festival as a family

Shilpa Kamath said...

Play Clan : My toddlers first diwali - We celebrated it at my maternal grandmothers home (an ancestral home). Most of my cousins managed to gather there for Diwali that year (not an easy feat considering all of us reside in diff parts of the country) and it was like reliving our childhood days (except this time, with our kids :)).

Hailie sothereisthisgirl@gmail.com said...

I remember when i was very small in my excitement to burst the crackers, i went alone inspite of my mom telling me to wait for her.. and boom the cracker burst in my hands. It was very scary , however that night while bursting everyone was so much pampering me and it turned out to be the best time ever.

Aastha Mehta said...

my very first diwali back in India after 10 years abroad. i always remember it being about firecrackers, and yet, my favorite diwali moment from childhood is when school kids like me had decided to boycott fireworks because they were made by children and caused pollution. it gave me hope in the strength of this country, and the lights shone all the brighter that night without the smoke to obscure them :) Jai Hind!

Magali Vaz said...

Thank You for this giveaway!
{For Playclan} The lights that make my apartment complex look so beautiful at night, the shops filled with all different kinds of sweets, & the laughter of children everywhere as they celebrate this Diwali are all the things I love about this festival!

pooja kopargaonkar said...

Thank you for this beautiful Giveaway and wish you a very Happy Diwali :)

What I love about this festive season:

The festival of lights brings so much with it every year. it fill the surroundings with light of joy and happiness. I love almost everything it has to offer- the yummy sweets, traditional clothes, lightings, cleaning home , making rangolis, but what I love the most is that this is the time you get to spend a beautiful time with family and friends, you meet your old friends who lives out of the town and comes back for festivals. you go to your cousin , relatives and friends houses to give gifts and they come to yours, and in this broken bonds are mend, new bonds are formed and memories are made for lifetime :) I think that is the best part. It brings us together

pooja kopargaonkar said...

My Best Diwali memory:

It was in my 1st year of college and I was away in chennai, and had my practicals just 2 days after diwali so I was stuck there and was missing my home in Indore badly :(
Being in hostel and that too far- away I was feeling so alone and sad, Just 3 days before diwali, I got a call from my hostel warden in evening that someone is here to see me. Thinking it must be my local friend I went down only to see the biggest surprise of my life that time, it was my elder brother who gave me a surprise, seeing your family at festive season and being at home when you have no chance is the biggest happiness.
My brother had bought airlines tickets for us and the next day we were at home, fighting for sweets, running around home, making rangoli with mom and best of all we were together as a family on diwali which I thought was impossible. this is my favourite memory among my all diwali memories :)

Roshni AaMom said...

I love decorating my house with diyas and flowers!!

Anonymous said...

Owl cards!! That would be woot! woot!! :-)

free13spirit at gmail dot com

Megha said...

I like
the flutter it gives to my heart and the smile it brings to my face.
I like
the brightness that the festive lights give to my eyes and the sweetness that the festive sweets give to my tongue.
I like
the moments of celebration it brings for us to be able to experience with friends and family.
I like
the crackle of patakhas and the feel of new clothes.
I like the silent lighting of diyas and well lit houses praying and chanting together the same night
I like it for it comes once a year and is so looked forward to
I like it all....:)

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