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Thursday, November 1

Like Magic..

..I vanished
And now I am back!

I have been traveling, my dearest peeps. Spent a week at the Neemrana Hill Fort and a week at Jaipur and once again marveled at the heritage, architecture, crafts and textiles of the royal state of Rajasthan. I had a great time, but I did miss you! To make up for time that I was away, I have many lovely posts lined up and some exciting giveaways scheduled for this starting-to-get-chilly month of November.   

Thanks to all those who dropped me an email or a note on facebook. If you haven't heard back from me yet, fret not, for you shall within the next couple of days. I'll be back on Monday, with fresh inspiration and more such things that make us go aah! :)

[All images taken by this person who writes this blog. This person being moi :)]


Manshi Soneji said...

i love ur pictures as much as i love d places u visit... it truly gives me divine indian experience.. keep it up.. v follow u..!!

Patricia Torres said...

oh sigh... your pics are gorgeous.. I've heard a lot about Neemrana Hill Fort but didn't get a chance to stay there.. so maybe someday!! :)

Neha Gupta said...

awesome.. really love your blog and your work..

Rukhsana Badar said...

Great photos...I like the shadows cast by the matki lamp and the dreamy twinkling of lights on the fort.

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