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Wednesday, November 21

Some days are made of these

Who Am I To Disagree

The deep blue of the sea

Delicate flowers on a rustic table 

Miniature paintings on the wall

The warmth of a kilim pillow

The charm of a desk by the window

The texture of a linen throw

Those flowers against the black door

These flowers on a rustic table

Sunlight streaming through stained glass

And oh, Morocco!

Some days are made of these...

[Inspiring me today: This one, that one, and always this]


Za faran said...

What a delight for all the senses! These pictures are a joy to view!

notyet100 said...

Luved all of them,..

Priya Raj said...

It's amazing how you bring to us the best of views .... Thank you:) Priya xoxo

bindu said...

Sigh! I usually only pin one or two pictures from a post but all of these are going into my'blissful home' board.:)Thank you!

Kulwant Singh said...

These are gorgeous snapshots . :)

sruthi said...

that pic with yellow flowers on the table is pretty

ardy said...

really inspiring.. ^^d.,
have a nice day.

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