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Tuesday, February 5

Best Friends

Is what you can call these room pairs

They are alike
But not exactly the same

They enjoy similar aesthetics
But have their idiosyncrasies

They complement each other
Yet have a distinct personality

Best friends they would be
If they were people :)

Warm and cozy, is what these rooms are. Comfortable, lived in, soft pillows and cushions; they invite you in with open arms.

Pink and Mauve. A hint of femininity. The idea of animated conversations over endless cups of tea and coffee. Shared laughter and secrets.

Rugged, sturdy and comfortable. These rooms mean business, have no extra frills, and they know that they look good!

Ah! A sense of repose and calm emanates from this pair. A night of deep sleep or a leisurely siesta during the day. Put-your-feet-up kind of rooms.

Quirkiness, the need to do-and-redo-your-own thing and experimentation is what inspired these rooms to be best friends

Elegant style and laid back luxury brings these two spaces together. The calm of indoors and the lightness of being outdoors complements each other

Hope you liked these best friend pairs
And, if you did
Just make sure you take the time out to say a big hello! to your best friend today :) 

[Images from Espacio Vital]
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Amina said...

What images as beautiful, as always!
I invite you to stop by our Moroccan-inspired blog


Daikin India said...

What an inspiration! What we noticed the most was the use of basic colors and a raw look created in each of the image. Now that is how you innovate from anything that is available to one! Great post. :)

Joyti said...

Best friends, or sisters...or part of the same house perhaps? They're all very lovely, and very well-matched

BriGer said...

absolutely amazing pics..love old and new couples..and the pink/ colourful one
a lovely valentins day
greetings b gerle :-)

Citapore Rugs said...

These images are so beautiful...

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