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Monday, April 29

House Of Wandering Silk

Katherine Neumann, the lovely lady runs House Of Wandering Silk, and I have been chatting for some time now. I chanced upon her work at the Red Earth Design Mela, and I knew that I had to share her beautiful products with you.

House of Wandering Silk is based out of New Delhi, India. Katherine works with marginalized women, to create luscious textile products, encouraging empowerment for these women, and also supporting weavers and artisans. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each product goes towards the education of tribal and minority children in rural India, through the Adharshila school. You can browse through the collection of stoles, scarves and fabric necklaces right here.

The GiveAway!

Katherine and I had been planning to do something special for An Indian Summer readers for some time, and here we are! A fabulous giveaway, just for you! You get to pick a stole of your choice, from the luxurious collection at The House Of Wandering Silk! Yes, you heard it right - Your choice! The giveaway is open to readers from across the globe :)

Here's how you enter the giveaway:

1. Tapping into your inner poet, leave us a rhyme or two, making sure the rhyme contains the words "Wandering" and "Summer". Leave your verse/haiku/pun - whatever your inner creative comes up with, on facebook right here by leaving a comment. (Make sure you are logged into facebook to do so) 

2. To double your chances, leave a comment on this post too

3. That's it! Wait for result to be announced on facebook on May 6th  :)

[All images: House of Wandering Silk and An Indian Summer]



Shilpa Kamath said...

Shilpa Kamath Prabhu Never written a poem before so please excuse the amateurish effort :All winter long I've been wondering,
How nice it would be to go wandering,
Around the world during the summer,
But my vacation had to be cancelled, bummer!
But winning this giveway,
Just might make up for my cancelled getaway,
After all, wandering silk stoles are a treasure,
The price of which no one can truly measure.
So go on and make my month, my year,
Brighten my life with some colour and cheer

Carol said...

These are lovely!

Clara Gomez said...

Love the stoles, specially the baby pink one,,, Wish to wear it this summer <3

padma said...

Summer's heat can burn as long
As long as I can frame a song
Summer seems so right to wear
A silky knot that's very rare
May I find it somewhere wandering
where oh where I'm left pondering
Bikins and tans men may want
A trendy silk is all I want
So go ahead and give me a chance
Make me a winner, make me dance

Shaz Originals said...


lorenabr said...

What a wonderful giveaway!

Tejashree Joshi said...

Hey, excuse this pathetic writer who is willing to scribble down a rhyme just to get her hands on the beautiful beautiful stoles so here it goes:

In my summer wanderings yearn, I came across a river turn.
Upon the bent path that lay in front, came across I with life's true concerns!
Art, music and love I thought, my mind wandering yet again...oh sweet summer...come again!

Kiera Jean said...

This is a beautiful giveaway, i love everything about 'House of Wandering Silk' - thank you for sharing!

Here is my poem:

Our souls are wandering,
Through an endless summer of light.
Silk and love,
A gypsies delight!

Love & Light!

Kiera (kiera_jay@hotmail.com)

pallavi said...

Here's my impromptu haiku for you..

beauty envelopes
whiff of summer breeze invites
a wandering light

I hope you like it! also posting on FB.
free13spirit at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Scarf on the clothesline

High over the narrow lanes of old Delhi.
I sway to the gentle wind,
My thoughts wandering.
I think this is my joy and other’s suffering.
That I get to swing wildly and crazily flutter
While others sweat in out in the hot Indian Summer.

Sujatha (sujathaaiyer@yahoo.co.in)

robin said...

Here's the haiku I posted on facebook:
a wandering mood
my toes sink in the hot sand
summer heat soothes me

I love this contest idea!

Sangita Pillai said...

Just the right luscious colours
to rein in my wandering heart
on this beautiful summer day!!!

Anonymous said...

Sujatha Hariharan Pramod

Scarf on the clothesline

High over the narrow lanes of old Delhi.
I sway to the gentle wind,
My thoughts wandering.
I think this is my joy and other’s suffering.
That I get to swing wildly and crazily flutter
While others sweat in out in the hot Indian Summer.

Anonymous said...

How can I purchase a scarf? I am based in Australia.


Mezze Moments said...

Wandering through the heat of the day
Summer has come up behind us
It has lifted our mood and we say
Time for silks to give way way
Cottons are here to stay.


Anonymous said...

Here is my contribution -

What rhymes with 'wandering'?
I think, and think
My time.
Laundering comes to mind
But I can't find a link.
Why don't I start with summer?
I murmur
To myself.
Add some humor
Rhyme some words, or just google for help.
But that beautiful stole
Deserves an ode.
A worthy paean.
So I am back where I started
What rhymes with 'wandering'?
I sit pondering......

Ashwini P.

leena patel said...

I was checking my blog on a warm summer afternoon
when wandering away from it
I came to a blog named An Indian Summer
and a surprise awaited me as a giveaway was announced by House of wandering silk
which made me write these lines for getting it.

A.Verma said...

such lovely colors..!! completely apt for summers!!
check Breakbounce for such colorful collection for men.

Megha said...

The scarves are beyond lovely and the touch of silk is unmatchable. My ode to it:)

Wandering soaked in wanderlust
Through water, fire, earth and dust
Creating memories for the heart
One gets to see a side apart
The gypsy soul ever pines for more
Just wants a boat, needs no shore
Paddling in the summer sun
The wanderer in me has a lot of fun!

Anitha Krishnan said...

Oooh I hope I am not late in posting my entry. This is a lovely giveaway! Here are my lines.

I am just an imagination,
A respite from the present’s realm,
Far away from this day’s heartaches,
I seek shelter in tomorrow’s shattered dreams.

Wandering through time and space
I am on a tricksy tightrope walk,
Imagination morphing into memory
One step in the future, one in the past.

And the big wheel keeps on turning
Through scarlet autumns and frozen winters,
But on the fringes of spring and summer
Is where my hopeful heart lingers.

boringzlifez said...

my entry is more of a song and i was singing the tune in my head changing the words. Here it is:

Catching the first rays of sunlight,
welcome welcome summer,

Wandering closely by my side,
welcome welcome lover.

also shared on fb as Ann Hbez

Swati Ailawadi said...

I missed the giveaway, but I found such an amazing brand. :) Their upscaled saree scarves are so interesting ! And I would love to visit the red earth design mela this time. I too, live in Delhi.

Swati @ The Creative Bent

Michelle Jiafang said...

Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

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