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Thursday, May 9

You and I

Putting together some recent room love I found for my favorite folks, and humming this song :)

I am sorry, I have been on and off the blog for the past few months. There have been too many things happening and I have also been traveling quite a bit. This week, I have been busy with a very interesting DIY article for a magazine - will tell you more about it next month!
  There are many unread emails in my inbox and I will get to them soon - hang in there folks! Many thanks for your patience.

I am off to Khao Lak, Thailand next week. Any tips for and around the area would be much appreciated!  

You and I, we'll see each other soon :)

[Images: This, That]



Anu Menon said...

The windows and the gorgeous light makes me want to go to each one of those homes :) thanks for sharing :)

Anubhav Nanda said...

Beautiful! wow amazing nice job!!

nannykim said...

Nice and I like that singer!

My Love Wedding Ring said...

What beautiful rooms, I especially love the bed at the window with the yellow bedspread - and as Anu says, the light in all of them is amazing!

Anonymous said...


Sorry I don't speack english very well! I'm discover your blog and I love it!!! I love all: pictures, atmosphere, jewell...It's strange because I don't know that I like this style before discover it here! ;-)

I'm happy because your blog is a source of inspiration for me now ;-)

PS: It will be totaly perfect if it was translate in french ;-)

lolabelle (france)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is lovely and full of inspiration.

Ayo Délé


Amina said...

Beautiful spaces! as always offer. I love white bedrooms with splashes of color



thatchamkeelastitch said...

That last photo is just incredible!

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