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Friday, June 7

Needless To Say

I have missed you! 

For I haven't spoken to you in a month
 For I have been away too long

But I know you'll forgive me
I have been traveling
With my favorite people
To beaches and mountains
Experiencing life
And making and collecting beautiful memories

Over the last month
I spent some blissful days in Khao Lak, Thailand
And then did a road trip to Kotgarh, Himachal Pradesh

And now I am back
To you
For you!

Starting next week
Get ready for your dose of prettiness
An Indian Summer is back, folks! :)

[All images copyrighted: Moi. aka An Indian Summer. aka Bhavna Bhatnagar]


S_its_me! said...

wonderful pictures! :)

Shalini Pereira said...

Lovely pictures Bhavna... I'm already longing for a holiday and this only makes it worse :)

Anonymous said...

wouhaouw!! it was a very beatifull travel!!
I'm very happy to read you and discover your interior's pictures


My Love Wedding Ring said...

Gorgeous photographs!! Loving to seeing more of them!!

lifelovedecor said...

Lovely pictures! So calm and peaceful - makes me want to pack my bags and head to the nearest beach resort! :)

Deeksha said...

Lovely pictures!! I can almost feel the freshness in the air.

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