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Thursday, September 12

It's raining men


It might not really be raining men
It is raining rooms for men at least!

So yes, all of you who got up to look out the window
Come back!

I am waiting
With this post
For you

So. Even though I just announced that these are 'rooms for men', I am sort of iffy. I mean I just don't like generalizing that these rooms are meant just for men, or that such decor will appeal only to men. I, and I am sure many of my women readers will like these rooms as much as your average Ryan Gosling. Also, I don't like saying that men don't appreciate what is considered 'feminine' decor. I am all for de-generalization and respecting individual choice. Men, women, cats and dogs - there is no saying what one might identify with when it comes to decor.  

Yet. Yet, there is something about these rooms that spells, for lack of a better phrase, masculine energy. The colors maybe? The fact that they are organic in nature with wood, stone, exposed bricks and such being the key elements? Or is it that they are non-fussy, non-messy? 

[On an aside, ha ha on the non-messy bit. I am sure there is some joke floating around about how many men it takes just to identify and then admit that a room is actually messy!]

[Men readers of this blog: That above, was a harmless private joke between me and my women readers. You know, over drinks and tea kind of a joke. We still believe in de-generalization, non-stereotyping and are an equal opportunity blog]

Oh look! Pretteh chandelier!

Back to the pondering, what do you think? 
Do you think we can say these rooms and decor would go well for guys?
Guys: How about you? Would you like such decor and styling for your space?

And well, 
For what it is worth
I don't know about your average guy
But, Ryan Gosling seems to like our rooms ;)

[If you haven't done so yet, do check out the Hey Girl series :)]

[All images: Tumblr.  Ryan Gosling pic: Ryan Gosling. Creative story-boarding by An Indian Summer]


Shivali Nair said...

Simply gorgeous!

Ruchika Kumar said...

This is such a beautiful rustic decor - thanks for sharing with us :) !

bec said...

love it all!!!
Bec x

Deb said...

I like stronger more masculine designs so I love this collection of rooms!

Kay Bell said...

Love those sheers.

Amina said...

What beautiful pictures bring us today, a very welcoming environment


Devs Design4m said...

Wow, its a very beautiful post. A huge thanks for sharing this. We are an interior designers in gurgaon and very exciting to see next post

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