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Thursday, October 3

Autumnal Hues

It's October already, my dearest readers. I know, I know...as each month passes in a year, I (and I am sure most of you) get this feeling - Just how quickly days, weeks and months pass! Autumn is my second favorite season, after spring. I love how the light changes, the ever so tender nip in the air, the anticipation for festivals and holidays, the change in wardrobe, and the cozy-ing up of homes. Rugs, throws, quilts, warmer shades of pillows and cushions, the careful selection of woody incense oils rather than the flowery summer ones - Ah! I do like autumn :)

And I do like these lovely rooms and vignettes, to go with my current autumnal mood..

[All pics from this lovely tumblr blog]

I am travelling again and will see you later next week. Take care!


Ivy Lane said...


Arti Jain said...

I looked through these pics on a Friday morning...such a beautiful way to start my weekend. I especially love all the deep blues, the purple bedspread and the chunky wooden bench/day bed. Thank you.

Irish Juanitas said...

nice and colorful designs! beautiful and i love it.

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Thank You!

Shruti said...

The pics are so pleasing to see. I was lost in the autumn feel because of your lovely pics. It made me feel cosy and warm bcos of the pillows, bed, wooden furniture .. all so warm n nice :)

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