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Monday, November 25

Yesterday Once More

And now, even better!

Chandan Dubey and her treasures!

Chandan is one of my earliest blogger pals, and her home, her aesthetics, eye for color, design taste and her photography has always inspired me. She has an unique take on the mundane and also the exquisite, and it's always refreshing to read her perspective and experience her visualization. So, today, I am not only happy, but also proud to announce the launch of her project, where she is attempts to, and succeeds so beautifully, in combining her different skills sets and interests. As I put the post together, it was so hard for me to decide what to leave and what to showcase - I wish I could have shared her entire portfolio of products with you here :)

In Chandan's own words:
"This select range of fine art photographs, hand crafted objects and graphic prints are a coming together of my skills as a photographer, artist and collector. The range of art work comprises up-cycled objects such as old boxes, small cabinets and platters. The idea was to restore and reinvent old objects by lending a fresh layer of interest to them with the use of equally old material, both collected and found. This includes vintage photography, film posters, postcards, old books, art and fashion catalogs, hand writtern letters, coins, stamps interspersed with hand painted detail and graphics."

Chandan is displaying and retailing her exquisite products soon. Mark your calendar for:

Date: Nov 30th, 2013
Where: Trident, Bandra Kurla

And, for the rest of us, not in Bombay
We can connect to her via her facebook page, and demand request her make this gorgeousness available to us too :)

Read Chandan's engaging story behind the project right here on her blog.

Don't forget to look at her other work
And the entire portfolio of these products on facebook, in the days to come

[All images: Chandan Dubey. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]


Aarohi Singh said...

I love, love love - all of it!!!

Bhavna said...


Kanika Bahl said...

So so beautiful!

Kanika Bahl said...

So so beautiful!

namrata said...

very nice designs. i was looking out same for my house..

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