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Monday, December 30

Oh, what a year!

Late December, It is now
What a special time for all of us
As I remember, what a year!
[creative messing with Oh, What A Night]


Where? Just where does the year go? Did I not just wish you guys a happy new year? And here I am, bundled up in a blanket, listening to the thunder outside and the pitter patter of December rain, doing the last post for 2013!

But what a year this has been! Starting with a shoot at home, media features, fabulous inspiration from different corners of the world, home tours, super giveaways, profiling work and products of brilliant designers and new stores, and, travel! Oh the travel. For me personally, this has been a wonderful year for I gave in to my inner nomad, and traveled as much as I could, and always came back to the comfort of my home and this blog, and you - my dear dear readers :)

Here are some of my favorite images from a years' worth of posts. I had to restrain myself, for everything I share on the blog, is a favorite. Hand picked goodness from the world of decor and lifestyle. Just click on the images in this post to go to the original post.

~ Wheels on my feet. Travel and more ~





~ Prettiness from world over ~






~ Oh, and I managed to sneak in Ryan Gosling too. On the blog that is ~


~ Mood boards ~



~ Creative peeps and Lovely stores ~ 






Oh, what a year! :)

And I can't tell you just how excited I am about 2014! I mean I can definitely tell you, but then this post would go on and on. For one, the new website is on its way. For two, I am collaborating with some very interesting folks and am going to bring the best of products, decor and lifestyle to you. For three (ok, last one. rest next year now), Travel! And not just me traveling, but you and I travel together! Yaaaay! Will share more on all, and of course, our regular dose of prettiness, in the new year. I am off for a vacation and will be back with you in the second week of Jan. 

You have a fabulous fabulous new year's eve
And the most brilliant 2014!
See you soon :)


Designwali said...

So excited for you! I need to change it up too. Hope you have a very happy new year and look forward to reading in 2014.

Julie Cade said...

Love your style and ethnic/global images. Happy New Year; thanks for the inspiration.

Andrea said...

Can't wait to see the new collaborations. Happy new year.

Sunita Mohan said...

Awesome post! I love that abundance of gorgeous pics and posts. Looking forward to what you will come up with in 2014!

Factory Direct Gazebo said...

Whoa. I love the photos you have! New style, new design and a unique ethnic idea. Just wondering to be with you soon and come in your next adventure.

WIDI said...

A very happy new year to you. Love your blog, it is simply pleasure to the eyes.

Aditya Roy said...

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mamta mehta said...

Love your blog so much I keep returning back to it, please keep up the beautiful work! I am crazy about all things ethnic and colourful and love to see your photographs, I am on the verge of opening my boutique in Winnipeg Canada sourcing all products from India,will keep you posted.

Vikas Nehra said...

Great Home its very lovely look .....

Berta Fatso said...

I am really happy that I found your blog, great posts and nice pictures. lopud island

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