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Tuesday, January 21

In the mood for

Some music tonight

Listen to what I am listening to right now
As you step into these beautiful rooms with me

Sometimes music is all you want and you that all need
 Some room candy by the side doesn't hurt either :)

[Images from: Here, Here and Here. Second image from here]

Oh, and are you traveling with me this February? Make sure to check out this splendid itinerary, and join me!


Looking Good Feeling Fab said...

what gorgeous colours..I think im ready to say goodbye to winter..dreaming of summer days :)
how have you been? glad to see u back wa missing your posts while u were on vacay :)
hope u had a lovely time

Rachel of Hippie in Heels said...

Wow, I love all these! I'd love to decorate a house in India.

زهرة said...

Interesting spaces, especially a bedroom in the 1st picture, and an outdoor corner with a Moroccan feel! You are always having such interesting and unique finds, I always love to dig for treasures here! :)

WIDI said...

True eye candy.. one can drool over your images all day. Thanks, Preethi.

Daniel Reardon said...

I love the style and color you choose. Thanks for hosting these home decors.

Andrea said...

I'd love to go on that trip.....could do with that escape right now! Maybe next time.

Amina said...

beautiful bedrooms and lots of inspiration. the latter with the cage is wonderful.


Granny Flat Super Store said...

The rooms! I never found these rooms so gorgeous and amazing pallets. A home decor for summer. Brilliant!

Sebastian Chuter

Sidonie FeltBallRug said...

We've just been on a little trip around the world through stunning an dreamy rooms. Thank you! Listening to I'm a Cat right now ;)

It's a little thing called life said...

These Fabrics are simply LUSH!

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