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Tuesday, April 29

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

That warm fuzzy feeling you get when you look at interiors and rooms that remind you of something from your childhood. The feeling of coziness, the feeling of simplicity, the desire to put your feet up and feel at home. Decor, that is casual, and not pretentious. Furniture that is well worn and not designer. Handpicked and handmade objects rather than objet d'art. Soft and familiar furnishings with your personal favorite cushions and favorite throws. Rooms that remind you of your grandparent's home and the summer holidays spent there. THAT warm fuzzy feeling, is what I have today, and these rooms made me nostalgic.

Oft read books with bunch of flowers picked from the garden

Ah! The 'diwan' (day bed)...must have in Indian homes. 

Fresh bakes on the dining table

The various craft projects, that were proudly displayed by our grandparents :)

I love the simplicity of this dining table. And the gorgeous wood floor.

Perfect for lounging with a book and a jug of chilled lemonde

Nope, no coasters needed for this table. Perfect for a lazy evening with a bunch of friends

Sigh. The elegance of this simple bed frame.

Sunday mornings in unkempt bed are the best :). Oh, and read the DIY for this lamp shade here

Isn't that chair a flea market shopper's dream come true?

Cozy bedside

 The verandah

Crochet Wall hanging - so reminds me of the 70's and the 80's!

Love how the colors of the portrait and the blanket complement each other

Indoor plants...a must have from the time when I was growing up :)

I guess all this nostalgia is because May is right around the corner, and May used to mean summer holidays. Hot summer afternoons, spent inside cool home, reading books and poring over the odd interior design magazine. Good ol' days!

Oh, talking about interior design magazine, do hop over to Priya's curated magazine to read what I have to say about stuff like blogging and all. Such important things I say, really. And if you don't want to read that (how could you not want to, I don't understand), do take a look at the rest of the magazine. It's the perfect accompaniment to a tall glass of iced tea!

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Richa said...

I love your blog. Simply awesome.

ArtZest said...

I loved all these photos. Thank you for sharing.

junaid said...

Lovely! I really loved your blog. The interiors showed in the pictures are very casual and simple. I loved that handmade interiors that make home beautiful. Thank you for sharing this simplicity.

Rachel Jones said...

Is there a shop you get this stuff from?

Preethi said...

Very interesting to read about you in the magazine Bhavna. Can't wait to see your store come live. Great going!!

Kunjan Chabra said...

Lovely pictures Bhavna! The DIY lampshade is such a clever idea. The dollies look so delicate and the lamp brings an old world charm to the room.

Autumn May Dale said...

Nice shots' I also arrange my things when the vacation comes in. This is the time that I have a lot of time to fix and arrange my things at home. Thanks for sharing.

Monnaie said...

Exactly its a fuzzy feeling!

ram said...

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rupesh oyasis said...

Excellent blog you have it's really awesome.....Thank you..

clyde walker said...

Perfectly lovely, understated..and interesting decorations. How refreshing! Whew! I am so delighted that there is wonderful good taste still alive and kicking in this world!

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A Treat for the Senses said...

Gorgeous interiors. Beautiful post !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's a braided and stitched wall hanging and not the crocheted one...just follow ur b!of religiously and felt I should point out

Autumn May Dale said...

This place is great. I am sure anyone who will going to have a vacation here will enjoy their staying. Even me' I would love to stay there.

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