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Saturday, June 14

The Call Of Aqua

Monsoon and the Sea
 Is what's calling out to me
Along with invites from some lovely creative folks
To visit their beautiful galleries, boutiques and B&Bs

So I am off for a week
To take it all in
To get soaked in the rain
To meet these fabulous people
To capture my experience in pictures
To bring back another wanderlust story for you
And to put my feet up and drink mojito

It's only apt that I leave you with some coastal decor inspiration from Greece
Given Aqua is the flavor of the moment!

The jaw dropping beautiful spaces by Zege Architects
Interiors by Marilyn Katsaris
Photography: Yiorgos Kordakis

I'll see you after a week
Hoping for rains for those who are parched
And some more sun for those craving for a couple more months of warmth
Be good folks!


Rebecca said...

Your upcoming week sounds positively enchanting! Bask in the beauty (and take plenty of photos to share)! I can't wait to see where you've been.

Meanwhile, I shall calm myself with this post....such a peaceful place.

Chaitali Patel said...

Stunning! Amazing how so much cream and white can look so good...

Maria DeBlassie at Enchantment Learning & Living said...

Love the aqua! It is much like my New Mexico turquoise--can't live without that color!

Jason said...

Oh my god, it looks wonderful. The place will surely bring calm and peace in once mind :)

Shawna said...

That is unreal! So gorgeous.

junaid said...

Nice post! I liked your style as it give a little poetic touch. Well, come to the coastal decor that make me remind to the old houses decoration and unique interior design. Thanks for sharing some really good things here that inspired me a lot and let me bring some good ideas.

Priyanka Srivastava said...

Omg again one such place which is on my wish list

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