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Friday, September 5

An Invite

From me to you!


A pristine white haveli  with blue doors and green windows
As you walk in through the doors
You feel the inviting warmth of a calm cool courtyard
And breathe in the pleasant fragrance of jasmine & musk

With sublime music playing in the background
You wander through the calligraphy & photography gallery
You step into the festive rooms of the haveli
And find beautifully handcrafted wares

You ooh-aah at how gorgeous they are
And stop and chat with the lovely creators
Who have come from places near and far
Some, showcasing their unique products, for the first time in Delhi
You meet new designers, and you greet your long time favorites too

After the leisurely stroll and shopping
You stretch your legs under a gazebo on the terrace
Make a pick from a choice menu of organic delights
Chat with the lovely people hosting & serving up the delicious food
Maybe have a drink or two 

And as the sun sets
You settle down in the courtyard
And enjoy an hour or two of fabulous music
By stellar performers

And of course

You find me
We say hello
We chat, we laugh
And we exchange notes on the pretteh things in life

So I'll see you, my lovelies

September 27th - 28th

At Serendipity's lovely haveli at Chattarpur, New Delhi

Come anytime between 11:00am till 9:00pm

The performances happen from 06:30pm till 08:00pm

Click on the facebook invite right here

And tell me that you are coming :)

[All images: An Indian Summer]


FeltBallRug - Rebecca said...

This sounds like an amazing event to attend. I only wish I lived closer so that I could come! I hope afterwards you'll share a bit about how it went here on the blog. I'd love to read it!

Priya OUATT said...

And what of all of us who can't make it to the event but would love to shop nevertheless :)? Any online arrangements in the offing? Hope so!

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