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Wednesday, December 24

'Tis Season

My wish for you
For the coming year
And 'tis season

May you always have the warmth
Of fire
On cold nights and days
And the warmth of love and friendship
Each beautiful day

May you have maps on your mind
Wheels on your feet
May you travel the world
Have a cozy home to come back to

May you have your daily shot of mojo
Along with your cuppa of tea, coffee or chai
Something that wakes you
Something that invigorates you
To step out 
To face the world
To be happy
Each day

May you have pretty spaces to sit in
And lovely friends to sit with
For hours of soul stirring conversations
And innumerable bouts of laughter

May you not have one dull moment
 May your year be filled with
Adventure and spice
A year that's memorable
For many years to come


After many failed attempts at trying to dress up my boy cat as Santa
Here's the next best equivalent
Happy Holiday Folks!

I will see you next year!
May it be awesome
For You and for Me!

[Images: Tumblr. Happy Holidays Illustration: Yoko Tanji]


Aalayam Inspiration said...

what a neat post and a lovely way to spread some holiday cheer!
You too have a wonderful holiday and a very happy new yr. Looking fwd to more inspirations from you in the new year.



Rebecca said...

What a WONderful wish! I send it back to you. Merry Christmas!

Ambika @asunnyellowindow said...

Thats the best wish I have come across this year :-) Wish you too the same!!

Christine Wenger said...

What an amazing post, so nice and charming wishes!
I also send you my best regards and happy holidays.

Zupiterg said...

Hi, this is such a lovely post. Happy new year to you too. We totally love your blog.
Do visit our website, if you're looking to buy indian handicrafts online :)

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