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Wednesday, January 28

Come Sit With Me

These beautiful sitting spaces are calling out to us
Let's sit
Hum a song or two
Make plans
Discuss dreams
Be happy

For these beautiful spaces are calling out to us

[Images: Tumblr and Pinterest]


Soraya Azizian said...

As inspiring as ever ,thank you.

Zupiter G said...

Wow! This is something. Wish I had that kind of setup at my place. Lovely post though! Thanks :)
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Ivy Lane said...

Beautiful post! The colours, the views, the textiles.... the... the.....

Esther John said...

Lovely seating places ...especially love the charpoy kinds ... So cozy and comfy... Thanks for sharing!!!

akioneam said...

The cushion displays just make me re-think the drawing room :D :P

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