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Thursday, January 22

Your Weekly Dose Of Sunshine

A brisk walk in the evening
The moist cold breeze on my face
And the warmth from the day,
Like a warm hand on my back

A trip to the jungle
Winding roads in an open jeep
Stories, music & conversations
And bonfires under star studded skies

I take in a deep breath
Feel the sun, the wind and the rain in my lungs
Feels good to be alive
Feels good to be out of the cold

Time to thaw, my lovelies!
Winter will soon be over
A few weeks here and there
And it will be time to welcome the spring

Just some sunshine rooms to get you your dose of Vitamin D
Warmth and love
From me to you

[Images: Tumblr]


Tante Mali said...

Amazing pictures. Wow people live fantastic. Thank you for the sunshine. I needed it, here it's foggy and grey!
All my best from Austria

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