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Tuesday, July 21

Come, Have A Seat

Yes, please do
I insist

Feel at home
I don't have much to say today
So instead
Let me put on some music for you
It's perfect for the mood right now

It was so lovely having you over
Do come again
For I will have travel stories to share
From my retreat this week
And a lovely little island abode I am visiting, next week

Oh, you will miss me till then?
Sigh. I will miss you too
Let's be in touch
Over at Instagram
Where I will keep popping in
A pic or two

[Images: From Here]


Rebecca said...

I SO needed that music! Perfect - and I loved my visit here today!

Kunjan said...

Stunning :)!

Wooden Street said...

The interior is so lovely. I am awestruck. Beautifully crafted and arrangement is mind blowing. In love!! You can add more to this already beautiful d├ęcor by installing wooden wall shelves, not only they manage clutter but also add a refreshing look and feel.

My Hidden Paris said...

Simply lovely interior decoration! Crafting was in a mind blowing manner with little touch of love.

Revati Victor said...

Loved every single one of them! And the poetry thrown in!

Sanju Bora said...

Wow....beautiful pictures

Juban said...

wow....Mind blowing !
interior was designed in such a way i was just awestruck

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