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Monday, October 19

Of Beds And Mood Boards

Messy Beds. Or let me say, aesthetically appealing messy beds. For someone who is obsessed with not-a-single-wrinkle-or-ripple on bed sheets, I am surprisingly drawn towards messy beds right now. I think it's the crisp early morning air, the fragrance of autumn and the recent acquisition of many a cozy throws that's making me feel this way. And you know that what I feel is what goes up on this blog of mine, and today I put together some mood boards that perfectly sum up this wistful and warm feeling that you get as you bid goodbye to summer and three fourths of the year. A time for reflection, review, feeling gratitude, saying thanks, and maybe some catching up as you plan to make the best out of the last three months left. Yes, a lovely cozy bed seems like just the right place for all this contemplation :)

I am working on a very interesting story in collaboration with one of my favorite (and I am sure yours too) international design magazine. I can't wait to start sharing sneak peeks & behind-the-scene from the project, next week, on instagram. Make sure you are connected with @anindiansummer there to get the first dibs! 

[Images in this post: All except 2, 3, 4. Moodboards: An Indian Summer]


Charlotte Rigby said...

Yep, I would happily spend a lazy day in any one of those beds!

Мария Пальчак said...

I love those beds! Great pictures!

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