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Thursday, July 7

Find Of The Week

Featured on Ball and Claw Vintage Instagram Feed

You do know that I love Instagram. I keep asking you, again and again, to go and check it out, and see what I have been up to and then leave me little notes and little hearts. Yes, I am quite pushy that way. But apart from the fact that I can obsessively share pics of my cat [among other things] on Instagram, I also love it because I stumble upon some very creative people and inspirational visuals there. Ball and Claw Vintage is one such account and I loved the images shared by the owners, Joey and Mark. The presence of a fluff ball [aka a cat named Bridget] in these images is purely incidental and had approximately .093% bearing on my eagerness to share these images with you. OK, maybe a tad more, but, take a look at my picks from the brilliant bohemian spaces showcased by Joey and Mark on their Instagram feed and you will know why they made me so happy.

A lot of the products featured in these images are sold in Ball and Claw Vintage's online shop.

Look at that face!

I will see you next week here 
And 24/7 on Instagram

Have a great weekend!



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