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Tuesday, August 30

A Different Mood

After an onslaught of bohemian interiors past few weeks, I am in a minimal sort of a mood today. Airy, clutter free spaces, not too many elements, clean lines and muted colors. We will have to see how long this phase lasts; knowing myself, probably not very long! So you and I should enjoy these calm rooms before the boho streak strikes again and I fill your screen again with colors and wild interiors! 

I can feel the calmness and the quiet of these rooms still
Can you?

[All Images: Revista Axxis]


sapna mahesh's said...

soothing and wonderful ideas

Rebecca said...

Yes, I feel the "calm". But I think it is a "Boho calm". :)
Maybe you'll have to come up with a new handle for it....but in my opinion, though there is a touch of minimal, there is a Boho influence. Just sayin'.

Rara Matthews said...

I just love these minimalist style spaces, especially the top one with the indigo bedspread.

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